The SA with a FAKE!

  1. I forgot to tell you all this earlier!! The SA that rung me up at Macy's had a Fake Coach :tdown:

    It was sitting behind the counter with her stuff in in.. it had to be hers. I was thinking.. "You work around all these pretty coach bags, why don't you buy one of them!!" She may not know :sad:
  2. oh no no no poor girl! that's sucks!
  3. that's really sucks.. maybe she didn't know :confused1:
  4. Wow! I have a hard time believing she didn't know hers is a fake, especially being surrounded by real ones! People can't be that clueless, can they?? :confused1:
  5. What?!?!?! :tdown:
  6. I think that should be against the rules ! lol My husband and I were walking through Macy's and he saw the coach display and said "that just isn't right" ha ha and he knows Coach is not high high end but he still thinks it is wrong. I thought that was funny for some reason.
  7. I agree maybe she didn't know it was fake o.o
  8. :wtf:
  9. If she didn't know then she shouldn't be handling them. She could easily take one back and never know it.

  10. This is so true!!! I didn't even think about that! :s
  11. I have a friend that works at Dillards and she had to attend a class to spot fakes. They are trained to be very careful, people buy a real one and then return a fake in it's place for store credit or cash. Either way it is such a rip off, for the store and the poor person that may buy the returned fake.
  12. that's very shocking! maybe she doesn't care...i think she would know how to tell a real one from a fake one since she's around them plenty. she probably just doesn't care...but it's a very humorous situation if you think about it.
  13. That is good to know ! I wonder if Coach gives the class, that would be interesting
  14. i'm glad to hear that! it's important that a company informs their employees on such issues... maybe it's become such a big issue lately that they've decided to do something about it. i hope they're trained their employees in other sales areas for high-end designer goods so consumers like us (if we don't know much about authenticity in other areas) won't get the bad end of the stick.

    thanks for sharing this info about your friend:woohoo:
  15. but that doesn't make sense.. why did she carry a fake if I am sure she can get a real one with discount from the stores?:shrugs: I know macys has A LOT of sales on coach purses..
    Or maybe she knows it's a fake and she just doesn't care? that's really eww consider she works at the handbag department??:hysteric: