The SA that won't quit

  1. I was calling around yesterday a few stores trying to locate a few things. I spoke to about 8 SA's who were somewhat helpful. Than I met the MOST annoying SA. I called the NM in Natick MA to see if they had what I was looking for becuase I read on the board they had a good selection. Long story short-the SA told me she would call me back if she could find what I wanted-and let me tell you-she called. She called me back about a half hour after I spoke to her to tell me she had no luck. She got my VM because I was at work. Than she proceeded to call me about 12 other times. The first time she called back not even an hour after she left the first VM than she just kept calling to see if there was anything else. She called me up until about 7pm last night.
    Is this normal behavior? Usually when I talk to an SA they call me ONCE if they can't find what I asked for. If they get my VM I usually call back to thank them for trying-but this one I feel like enough is enough. I don't even think she deserves a courtesy phone call. My phone was non stop ringing the entire day from her. Every time I was on my phone she was beeping in on the other line NON STOP. :nuts:
  2. Wow that's definitely excessive. Tell her that you appreciate her help very much but that YOU will call HER if you have any more questions.

    I recently just got a new SA and I prefer corresponding about stock through emails. It takes a little longer, but I like the process of emailing better. :yes:
  3. yikes - she needs the commission, perhaps? She's new and ultra keen? She has no idea about customer service? She just doesn't realise her faux pas?

    ...the possibilities are endless!

    I would answer the next time she calls and be polite but firm. I agree with missisa - tell her that YOU will call HER. :bagslap:
  4. That would be annoying! I have a great SA if you're looking for someone to hunt down things for you. Just PM and I'll give you her name and number. I met her while on vacation and I use her for everything. She's so down to earth and just fun to talk to.
  5. I ran into a Saks SA in Florida that is the exact same way. I bought from her once and for days and weeks afterwards she was calling me ALL THE TIME! It was so annoying.
  6. She's probably being overly accommodating because the store is new and wants to make a good impression on behalf of NM; however, this is excessive. Thanks for the heads-up! I was going to call later on today to ask about a couple of items.
  7. I wouldn not like to be called like that, but I'll agree with the others and guess she's trying too hard and does not realise she's over doing it :confused1:
  8. She just sounds really eager for a sale, since the store's brand new and doesn't seem busy yet. Much better attitude than SAs who could give a rat's ass, IMO!
  9. So are you scared to answer your phone???? hahaha. Sorry to hear you are being stalked by a SA...LOL.
  10. Thank God for caller ID!!!
  11. ^ :lol:
  12. Me too. It's so quick and to the point!
  13. wow, I heard of good customer service but this takes it to a whole different level.. Sorry this happened to you.. Maybe she is new in the company?
  14. wow, I heard of good customer service but this takes it to a whole different level.. Sorry this happened to you..
  15. Hope she didn't give you a nightmare last night !:wtf:she sounds really weird!:weird: