the SA said it's a gym bag and it doesn't really screams feminine so....

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  1. I bought IT!!!! i've been finding the catalog photo of this bag but it's totally nowhere to be found. can you guys help? i don't really believe it when the SA said it's coming from the latest 'fall' collection.

    i like the shine that comes with it (it was sprayed on the bag, SA said it lasts longer). i can unbuckle the handles & sling between each other and get a different look.

    ps: and i am a very2 young guy who happens to love Chanel soo much & living in the 3rd world :okay:
  2. i saw this bag and the small messenger type bag from the same ligne at the wynn chanel boutique about two weeks ago. i liked it and thought it would make a good travel bag. i know the small messenger was only $550, but i didn't look to see how much your bigger version was.
  3. I wanna see!
    Can you post clearer, brighter pics?
  4. nice bag. that ligne is very new. it came out a few weeks ago. it doesn't necessarily have to be advertised in any ads...
  5. awesome bag!! love the shimmer

    but i dont get what living in the 3rd world have to do with any of this? can people in the 3rd world not buy Chanel? :shrugs: Chanel is loved all over the world!
  6. nice bag! i'm sure it will look real great on you!

  7. i'll try my best to post other photos of the bag. an maybe some modelling pics :graucho::p
  8. sorry if u misunderstood my words. my point was, it's not easy for a guy in the 3rd world to wear a Chanel. even the SA give me attitude (except when the store manager is around...), and people always give me that baffling face when they noticed my bag is in fact, a Chanel (but i kinda like it tho..:p)

    in another perspective, my local store carry a very limited product. they order everything thru singapore. so they wont get whatver items that s'pore doesnt order and won't even get some items that s'pore hav in limited quantity.

    do you have a photo of that small messenger bag?? i wonder how it looks like...:confused1:
  9. ohhh i see!! ignore those baffling faces, you're fabulous and you can definitely rock that bag! :yahoo:
  10. That's a really cool bag! Congratulations on your new love!
  11. Congrats!Good size gym bag.
  12. i think its a fab bag for a guy!!
  13. Wow! I've never seen it, but it looks very cool. Fashionably sporty!
  14. i love it ~ you'll look great with it
  15. sorry, arman, i didn't take a photo of the small bag. if it's any help, it's the same material as your gym bag, it has a single, adjustable black strap and if i'm remembering correctly, it's maybe 7 or 8 inches tall, 6 inches long and maybe 2.5 inches wide. i think the top is zippered so it's actually more like a skinny camera bag and not a messenger-flap type of bag. i called it messenger because you can wear it across the body, sorry for the confusion. it would go well w/ your new gym bag, though :graucho: