the SA dropping my mini-monogram jewelry case with my LV logo charm inside... (:S)

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  1. hi...please OCD is killing me...very badly...:crybaby:

    on the 6th...NOV...(now...8th...) i bought the LV LOGO CHARM (white gold)

    1... the charm was inside a mini-plastic-bag...she took it out...and showed me...
    i was thinking...why does white gold come out of a plastic bag...!:tdown:

    2...this is the main part...that i can not get over with...
    i said 'ill take that one' and she said ok! the mini-monogram jewelry case...(the flat folding one) placed the white gold charm into it...then went to get the box for it...and as she was walking


    as soon as i saw that...i was like...:cursing:and wanted!!! to say...
    'excuse me...can i get a new jewelry case? because i don't like my things dropped onto the floor...:smile:'

    But i had no courage at all to do that...thinking...the SA will look at me like a 'ocd psycho weirdo'

    so i took it...and went home...and a mini movie clip pops up into my head...
    5 seconds of her...walking then dropping the case...then picking it up like nothing happened...

    Then i looked at the two snap-buttons on the mini monogram jewelry case and saw scratches on the buttons...:sad:

    i know the white gold charm good...and unharmed...
    But the fact that she dropped the case with the charm inside it...
    i just can't get over it...the fact the charm DROPPED!!! :crybaby:

    i have a negative feel for the charm now...

    What can i do?!
    i don't think they will give me an extra jewelry case...(or even exchange)
    "hi, can i exchange the case please? (why?) because i don't like the fact the SA who served me dropped the case on the floor with the charm inside..."

    they'll be like...:hysteric:'one of those customers'

    what can i do...
  2. well i think with the amount of money you have spent on that white gold charm, i think you have the right to exchange it. plus it was clearly her fault she dropped the box not yours.

    so i would ask for an exchange.
  3. I guess it's no biggie - but if it bothered me at all; I'd march straight back into the store and say she dropped it the other day - and you noticed scratches when you got home. Demand a new one - so what if they think 'you're one of those customers'! Good for you! One should expect the best.:tup:
  4. sigh...i guess i will...i feel so courage-less-ness...

    so i just take the dropped-scratched mini-monogram case...and ask and say the reason? :confused1:
  5. BTW - I think Castlereagh LV in Sydney has REALLY BAD service. I've been in there - SA would get me the wrong item - not listen properly. Plus when I wanted an out of stock item ordered in - they rang me once; didn't leave a message - and put it straight onto display FOR public sale. SO mad!!! Plus they ignore you unless you ask for help!!!

    Just go tell them like it is. They shouldn't be dropping things anyway!!

    lol - I had to keep ranting - because I didn't realise it was the Castlereagh store you went to.:mad:
  6. well ... I think that you better change it cos I were in that situation too..... that " incident" will keep on rewinding again and again in my head!!!
    It is OK to react that way with that amount of money you are willing to spend.... I am sure LV will exchange it for you.... dont worry, just explain to them nicely and they will be happy to get a new ones for you....:winkiss:
  7. LOL yup...i went to the Castlereagh street boutique...sigh...:crybaby:
  8. :push:i'm going to wear a hat pushed down and
  9. :smile:Nah, no need for the hat pushed down. It's all about good customer service. Just tell them like it is - and sound a little peeved:tup:
  10. :push:lol
  11. Just tell them the salesperson dropped it and you saw the scratches when you got you don't want the charm and want a biggie..don't worry..
  12. always do what you think is right, and in this case, if you think you deserve a new box because the old one is ruined, than march in there, and politely get it exchanged. and please do it soon, the longer it takes, the smaller a case you have.
  13. Get a hold of yourself. :s Even if you return it, and get a new one, how can you be sure that hasen't been droppe`d? Do you think they would toss the cover in the trash after you returned it? No, not at all. They would give it to the next customer. So even if you get another one you might get one that's been on the floor. If not in store, then in the factory.

    Anyways, if you're not happy, then return it, it's your prerogative as a customer...
  14. Well accidents happen. If it really bothers you then return it.
  15. may I know....
    WHO DID THAT SA dropped ur stuff?!?!?! :cursing:

    so far I like Castlereagh Street store instead the Rocks KWIM :shrugs:

    u can send me PM...
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