The SA at MK jumped ship...

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  1. ..... from coach. She was my favorite SA at coach and had worked there for years! I walked in with my newest coach bag, and she was like... "oh I LOVE your LE metallic drawstring python hobo"!
    I had to do a double take and make sure that I really did walk into MK and not coach.
    Anyways, we had a long chat. I explained to her that thing that bothered me most right now about coach was the turn over. It's not like coach gets one new bag every month, or whatever. They get a whole new floorset, and suddenly the bag that I spent $700 on is shipped to the outlet, 3 months after I bought it. And then, everybody has it!
    She explained that MK doesn't do that. They get one new bag once in a while, but it's never going to be a whole floorset change over like coach.
    I just really fell in love yesterday with MK and I loved the store, the SA and more than anything the large hamilton tote in the luggage color. TDF. :graucho: I feel like I'm having an identity crisis. I feel like I'm being silly and I should just love both brands, but somehow I'm angry at coach and falling out of love with the brand.
  2. I understand what you mean... It's frustrating to purchase a bag at full retail price, then 3 months down the road, it appears at the outlet AND everybody has it... But the new design at Coach doesn't appeal to me anymore...
  3. Muranogrl- Did you get the large hamilton tote in luggage? If so, we're bag twins!!! I have it too and love it?
  4. Minne, no I didn't but I can see it in my near future! Did you post photos of it? I'm in love.
    I might take back my coach PCE purchases and buy this instead.
  5. MK rocks!
  6. Yes it does! I love his clothes... I love all of his stuff.
  7. WELCOME new MK addict!!!! You are in good hands with us!!! Keep looking for our threads and keep bumping them up to be first...we are desperately trying to get an MK subforum!!!! BTW I LOVE the Hamilton tote, too!!!! I REALLY want that bag, and I'm trying to decide b/w graphite and purple!!!!
  8. Oh you definitely should get it. LOL. I haven't posted pics of mine yet. I'm still trying to figure out how upload pics. (Pitiful, I know.)
  9. I really think that as soon as they opened so many outlet stores, Coach started to sink. And on top of that, they almost always have 20% off the outlet prices. If they scaled back and closed a lot of their outlets, I think they'd do better and probably keep people interested in the brand.
  10. I LOVE Coach [I do agree about the outlet situation, so I try to by what I know is limited or that I KNOW I love and want RIGHT now :smile:] and have liked MK for a while now. I just find that what is on the site is a little too expensive here in Canada -- the mark-up is CRAZY! I do like the Hamilton Totes though .. I may have to see if the MK outlet here ever gets any, then I could probably get it. Their Aubergine is KILLER though!!