The rudest seller and useless paypal

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  1. So I bought a pair of CL shoe off Ebay the seller was from UK, I buy it now and paid right the way on 1/23, then the seller mailed it out on 1/26 which was cool...So i wait and wait and wait...there is nothing show up...

    Then I emailed the seller very nicely say" Can you help me to check the package?" after 2 weeks, here was her replied

    "I've checked and you have received the item - you are just trying to defraud me by saying you haven't received it, I will provide all the relevant information to paypal to prove you have received the shoes."

    WTH, I had no idea why she act like this, so I open a paypal dispute and told her DO NOT contact me no more as she cant talk nicely

    here is what her message was sent out immediately after it "opening a dispute 2 weeks after the item was posted is poor trading behaviour - I live in the uk and the item was posted to the US by opening this dispute so soon you are proving that you are trying to defraud me you haven't even left it a reasonable time to receive the item"

    I was so upset after I got the message so I called paypal, and they said I did nothing wrong but to protect myself, I escalated the case to claim as they say if I receive the item i can always cancel it

    then here she come again

    ou have been nothing but trouble since you first purchased these shoes. It is BAD trading behaviour to have opened a dispute so soon - I have 10 years experience on ebay - hundreds of transactions, only waiting 2 weeks for an item to arrive before claiming is poor behaviour. I will not contact you again but I will obtain proof that you have received these shoes.

    I called paypal and complaint to them again, I asked me to email the message from seller to them which i did...

    Today when i open my paypal account, the process status reversed back to awaiting another party's response, it was on stage of being reviewed by paypal...

    Does anybody know why it was like this?

    sigh...I serious feel so sad, I didnt receive the thing i paid for, why now seller always just so rude and never listen to what u say or check with post office see where is the shipment...

  2. in addition, does anybody know how long is the reasonable waiting period from UK to US? maybe I was wrong I open dispute to early
  3. You should have given it at least 3 weeks...maybe you opened the dispute too quck. It kind of sounds like you opened it to be spiteful, since she responded to your original email in a rude way, you decided to open the dispute early.
  4. I dont think you were wrong to open it because all she had to do in answer to your first email it tell you to wait X amount of days due to the distance. Which Im sure you would have done before opening a dispute. But answering like that is of course going to concern you if you do not have them.
    Let her find proof you have them and just leave the dispute open until you do.

    Sure it might take longer to get there but she stated "I've checked and you have received the item - you are just trying to defraud me by saying you haven't received it.."
    If you hadnt received them when shes telling you that you have, who wouldnt dispute that? I dont think it was too early after that response.
  5. This it what I mean, you could have responded to her in a stern tone, letting her know that there is no need to respond in a defensive manner, not open a dispute.
  6. thank u, I dont know what to do now, I already told the seller stop messagin me....hope the shoes will arrival safe
  7. If someone had told me I should have received an item and accused me of defrauding them (depending on what Id paid) I probably would have opened a dispute too - everyone handles things differently and the seller, amongst saying she opened it too early, still states she will find proof she received them when the buyer has not.
    I possibly would have waited longer to receive them, depending on the situation, but if I asked and was told I had them I wouldnt hesitate.
    (I dont know how long things take to get from the UK to US but I receive things sent to Australia from the US within 4 business days and the UK about 5 or 6 so I probably would have only waited 2 weeks before asking the seller)
  8. I tried to talk to her nicely, but seems like she doent know how to to do so...
    Now, I dont understand why some seller had been so rude
  9. Two weeks is a little early to expect a UK to US shipment HOWEVER her e-mails are both contradictory and on the rude side.

    First her response is that you've definitely received the shoes and she can prove it AND THEN she claims that there's no way you could have received them yet because enough time hasn't passed? :weird:
  10. ya a little strange...I didnt understand that part either....

    as for now, nothing i can do, but to wait :sad:
  11. If the seller had not provided me w/ a tracking # w/in 2 weeks, I would have filed an INR dispute just to hope to get a tracking # out of her.
    IMO, if the seller had a tracking # that showed the buyer had received the shoes, then she would not also be stating that the buyer should have waited longer than 2 weeks to receive item. She is contradicting herself.
    I'm getting the feeling maybe this seller did not purchase a shipment method w/ tracking...
  12. #12 Feb 17, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2010
    Dear Ellie Mae, I did have the tracking # and the reason why I sent out first message to the seller is I checked it and Royal mail dont have any updated after the shipment left UK on 1/27, then I checked USPS tracking, it showing it was inbound shipment on 1/31 from NYC, then no more update...

    I had called USPS and they told me they couldnt see anything from this stie, I have to contact the seller and ask her to file a investigation....

    this where the whole thing began
  13. If I was told that the seller showed I had received an item and was trying to defraud them, I would also open up a dispute.

    I will still wait for the item to be received, and re-pay seller if it arrived as described, but would not be doing business again with the seller if they are so quick to judge or fire off proof with out providing you with the information they are seeing that you've already got it in your possession.

    Hope things work out for the best.
  14. Ahhhhh... OK, now I understand, sorry for MY confusion.

    If it was inbound into NYC on the 31st... is there any reference in the tracking of "customs"??
  15. No, The 1st gal from USPS told me the item maybe in custom, then she transfer me to another customer service gal, she told me I have to call seller and filed investigation