the ruby in action..and getting broken in =)

  1. yay! today i finally took some pics of my lovely ruby courier in action...
    she's truly breaking in nicely and getting super soft and chewy! i love her so much!! it's only been a week of using her but she's really nice..and i must have forgotten what she looked like because i thought she was too smooth but i found her to be quite nicely distresed on some parts..there is one panel on her that is way smooth but i had other couriers like that they said it was because of the large amount of leather on it that it cant' be all the same throught the bag =) she is in action

  2. Oooh... very nice~!!! LOVE IT~!
  3. I love this red!!!
  4. YUM!! I so LOVE LOVE LOVE broken in pics!! Thanks so much for posting these!! I've been using my Ruby City every day for about a week and she is getting lovlier every day!
  5. Wowwww I just got my first day and I LOVE it. The style is amazing and yours looks like its breaking in gorgeously :drool: It looks JUST like RV to me. Amazing, congrats!!! :yahoo:
  6. Oooohhh she is a beauty! I know you are going to love her so much!
  7. smooshylicious !! ~ :heart: your pix !!
  8. She's looking gorgeous in that first shot!!! Love it!!!
  9. Great style and great colour. And great way to "carry" your bag without worrying about wear and tear on handles! :graucho:
  10. thanks guys..i think she is getting better and better than when i first got her..and someone hadcommented to me that the leather on 08s break in faster than chevre..and maybe they were right..she's totally breaking in fast =)
  11. haha my little guy demanded to push his stroller so i put my bag in it so i didn't have to carry it.gets heavy when i'm lugging around all sorts of stuff :yahoo:
  12. Tofu, OMG! What a gorgeous Courier!!! She's breaking in BEAUTIFULLY! Now I'm wishing I'd stayed on Erica's Ruby courier list, after all. Shoot!!

    Oh, Rouge VIF courier, it looks like you're not going to find a home in Hawaii after all (wherever you are...)
  13. wow.. that leather is TDF!! Congrats!!
  14. The leather looks so yummy!
  15. She's scrumptious, "C"!:drool: