The Row by MKA Olsen (promo video)

  1. ... I did a search and couldn't find any threads about the row so hopefully this' is not a repeat...

    Just saw this via tfs... it's the promotional video for The Row (sent to buyers and show editors etc)

    IMO, it's pretty cool and I love it! I have always been very critical of "celebrity collections" but The Row has a jenesaisquoi. This is exactly the type of clothes I'd wear on a daily basis, I'd buy the entire line!!!!

  2. Looks good, the tshirts look comfortable, the girl looked really cute with those chanel sunglasses on (i'm so in love with those)... I'm excited for when it comes out, I'd definetly want to get a couple of pieces :smile:
  3. of course she has louboutins and chanel w/o having a proper bed...:nogood:

  4. me too. if it weren't for the fact that browns are charging something like £160 for a t-shirt :lol:
  5. ^ That's my issue! I LOVE the collection, but the prices are INSANE! I just can't justify making those 2 little billionnaires even richer.
  6. what are the prices??
  7. where can i see more pics of the collection.. I am not sure if i am impressed. I was more impressed with the chanel sunglasses... Thos are sold out nationwide by the way.. bOOOOOO
  8. Colour me excited. :wlae:
  9. It looks good, can't wait to see it in stores.
  10. cute video.
  11. it looks like a very good collection! :smile: can't afford it though.
  12. I love MKA's style and this collection is fabulous. More than the prices, I'm worried about my huge hips fitting into the clothes *bummer*.
  13. I am in love:girlsigh:! However, their pieces are too expensive for what they are and I can't justify paying that much for them.
  14. ahhh i love this line so much...the tops, the blazers, the trousers,. everything!! Just wish i could afford everything aswell...hopefully will be able to get a few pieces!