The rose I have been waiting for.....

  1. My obsession with the twiggy style had me yearning for one in BBGUM pink! I still haven't found her but then my luck changed...never did I think, I would find a mint condition Rose twiggy with the most fabulous leather I have ever seen!! I am truely in love!! :love: Will post more pics once my battery is charged!
    Bal-rose-2.jpg Bal-rose1.jpg
  2. WOW dear 'T' Handbag..... :nuts: I'm so happy for you :tender:you can't imagine how much !! You absolutely deserve it - you've found your HG finally :yahoo:!! And I know the '04 leathers, your Rose looks STUNNING :drool::tup: !! CONGRATS sweety :flowers:- ENJOY it :love:

  3. OMG...I am soooo jealous...that is gorgeous!!! Oh where oh where did you find one? WOW!!!
  4. That is so amazingly gorgeous! I am picking my jaw off the floor right now!
  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts: That is simply gorgeous!!! :heart::love::love: So excited for you!!! :yahoo:
  6. What a fantastic find! The colour and the leather look just amazing.
  7. Congratulations! It is soooo gorgeous. Rose is one of the best Bal colors ever!
  8. !!!! Stunning! where did you get it from? I am so in love with the colour and the leather! I want one now! Congrats!
  9. congrats!
  10. oh it is gorgeous!! congrats!!! :drool:
  11. :nuts: WOW~ Very pretty!!! Congrats~
  12. i love this color!!! one of my favorite bal colors ever!
    congratulations on this gorgeous find. :smile:
  13. :nuts:Congrats Handbagaddict !!
    Your HG is TDF !!! So cute :tender:!!!
  14. Thank you dearest "I" first, twiggers, stylefly, zacorey, lizziecat, gwen, whistlez, glossie, anotheremptysky, dollygirl, pluiee, fromparis:heart: Glad you all love her! She is such a pretty pink! I managed to find her on the popular "auction site" I guess I was at the right place at the right time!
  15. I keep coming back to drool *sigh* so gorgeous!!!!