The Ron Mexico name generator

  1. Since everyone is having such fun with Swanky's slogan generator, I thought I'd post this little nugget of joy. It is the Ron Mexico name generator! Find out what your alias should be!

    Ron Mexico is the alleged alias used by Atlanta Falcon's QB Michael Vick to pick up a woman last year. Full story details can be found at this link if interested:

    Screen name twinkie: Gertrud Svalbard

    Real full name: Kobe Vietnam
  2. Oooh how fun..
    Screen name kahluamilk:Agatha Guyana
    Real name: Devon El Salvador
    I'll have to figure out where I can use these aliases..
  3. Real Name: Bambi Guadeloupe

    Purse Forum name: Chloe Aruba
  4. Screen name jc2239: Summer Reunion :blink::blink:

    Real Name: Juliet Zambia ;)
  5. I typed in my real name and got Gertrud Japan. :lol:
  6. So fun!

    Screen name: Cicciolina Arizona.
    And real name: Tawny Figi
  7. Anita France here. :smile:
  8. Jill=Brittany Serbia......OK!>???????
  9. My real name: Helga Algeria
    LOL@ my screenname! Anastasia Virgin Islands.:lol:
  10. hi, my name is Dolly Ontario!
  11. Brooke Netherlands~! hehe
  12. LOl I'm Victoria Pakistan.
    That's hilarious~!
  13. my real name is Savannah Blacksburg, and my screen name is Adrianna Singapore. I Love the names Savannah and Adrianna and wish I really could go by them!!!
  14. oops, sorry, double posted!
  15. Real Name : Kirsten Albania

    Screen Name: Natalie Cambodia

    What a riot! I do like both Natalie and Kirsten as names though!