The Rocky Horror Picture Show

  1. It's a few weeks till Halloween!

    (And I'm just about to watch the movie!)

    Who's seen it?
    Who loves it?

    Don't get strung out
    By the way I look
    Don't judge a book by it's coovveeeer
    I'm not much of a man
    By the light of day
    But by night I'm one hell of a lover!
  2. I dressed up like Magenta one year for a showing at a downtown theater, and sang and acted in front of everybody. lol errr but yeah that was years ago, I prolly wouldn't do that now. In fact I haven't watched it in years either.
  3. Double post. :yahoo:
  4. Let's do the time warp agaiinnnnnnn!

    I've seen that movie about 100 times!

    I also did the makeup for a production that one of the community theater groups near me did a few years ago. It was so fun!
  5. It's just a jump to the left . . . .

    When I was in middle school and then later high school, it was a Halloween tradition for me to go trick or treating and then watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show while I'm enjoying my loot.

    One part I never noticed before (and is absolutely hilarious) was just after Dr. Frank N Furter kills Eddie. He lets Rocky out of the elevator and goes, "Oh don't be upset. It was a mercy killing. He had a certain naive charm, but no muscle." At which point Rocky flexes and the Docter does this "Oh!" shriek.
  6. In terms of seeing it live, though, I'm still a virgin.

    Although it would be cool to dress up as Magenta.

    I changed my Myspace screen name to So I'll Remove The Cause . . . But Not The Symptom! Last Halloween it was the quote in my signature.
    I wanted Rose Tints My World, Keeps Me Safe From My Trouble And Pain, but it was too long.
  7. I've seen it and it's okay. I'm nowhere near the fan my first husband was, but he liked dumb stuff like that to excess. I'm more of a Little Shop Of Horrors gal.
  8. I have never seen it live, although I would LOVE TO, but i rewatched the DVD probably a thousand times lol
    I love the songs!! Especially the Time Warp! I would love to dress up as Magenta for the halloween! That would be fun!
  9. LOOOOOVE The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

    Never saw it live though.... that would be AWESOME!!
  10. Im glad im not the only one who loves this twisted movie! :wacko: LOL I watch it every year around Halloween!