The Rock

  1. Does anyone know this bag? It's a large patent leather bag, very reminiscent of the large Vinyl cabas - I saw it today and thought maybe? - I also saw a smaller patent leather in a wonderful burgandy color - I'm thinking of buying it - This is my second Chanel and I want it to be the right choice - I have no photos. Is anyone familiar? these are new bags. Maybe they are on the Chanel website. TIA
  2. The Rock ins't new it came out earlier this year. I was all set to get one for EGC but I am just not feeling them anymore. The ones I saw on display had snags and marks on them. So I don't know how easily they snag. The material felt a little flimsy...IMHO...but some people love and swear by this bag! The colors are really nice they come in.

    I guess though the Small Rock is 1795, I'd rather get a les marias flap or another leather bag...but its totally what fits into your life style!
  3. ^ Yeah, the Rock has been out for some time now. :smile: I saw a woman carrying one today, and IMHO, it didn't blow me away. Actually, it isn't patent leather, it's vinyl, so maybe that's why the display shmoo88 saw was in bad shape. Of course, if you love it, that's all that matters, because it's your opinion that counts the most! :heart: I actually saw a gorgeous black crackled patent tote today at the Short Hills Chanel boutique... a fab alternative IMHO. :tup: If you do want a Rock bag, I saw some at the Short Hills Chanel boutique, and NM I think... of course, your SA could always find you one! :tup:
  4. Ya i forgot to mention its vinyl not leather...probably why the ones on display haven't worn well. But than my SA said people love them and they've hd no i think it just depends on your life style and uses.

    The are readily avaiable. Sak's has has quite a few of you could call around there and get it for EGC if you want one!
  5. The rock bag is vinyl like schmoo and fiery said, but its very functional and durable, I love it!! I am not one to baby my bags and this bag is a great everyday bag that you can basically drop in a puddle and it will still be fine, lol. I have gotten many compliments on it. But on the other hand i know alot of people find it crazy to spend all that money on a "plastic bag" haha
  6. Your feedback has been invaluable - the SA was very pushyand I hate to get into that situation - where I might buy a bag because I'm pushed against a wall. I think I'll take a second look - I want my second Chanel to be different from my first (baby cabas) but I want to love it like crazy!!!!!!!!!! I do like that vinyl look - sort of a sucker for it.