The Rock

  1. What a gorgeous bag - just got one in bordeaux ...

    WOW!!! I know it is for fall but I am already using it!!
  2. Which one is this? Pic?
  3. Oh, please post a pic, I'd love to see it!!!!!
  4. Saw it this week. It's a showy bag. Love it. Congrats!
  5. Congrats!!! :yahoo:

    Pics please!!!!
  6. :tender:must see pics!!!:yes:
  7. Pictures! :yes::tup:
  8. Great color! Enjoy it everyday.
  9. Post pic! Congrats!
  10. Pics???? This is a tease... Please???
  11. dude...sniff..wheres the pics..LOL..we are all dying here!!!
  12. bordeaux.........where art thou???
  13. so cruel.... must. see. pics!!
  14. Please post a photo! I would love to see it.
  15. OMG!!!!!! Where are the pics!!!!!!!! Please post please post!!!!