The Rock

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  1. Here are photos of CHANEL's new collection called "The Rock." This collection resembles the original vinyl coco cabas. Basically, they have added a flap to the bag and more detailing with quilting on the sides. There are 3 sizes and 3 colors (black, bordeaux, dark green).

    Nordstrom Mall of America currently has the small and medium sizes available.

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  2. is it leather?
    What's retail?

    Thanks for posting! :biggrin:
  3. Poor Chanelboy, we will bombard you with questions. Do you have dimensions for the small and medium sizes? Is that a gold chain I see, not silver????
    Thanks so much!
  4. Lucas, it would really help if you include prices with your photos... reduces questions a lot! :biggrin:
  5. Not sure about the retail, but this line is not done in leather, it's the same vinyl fabric as in the cabas.
  6. Lucas - Can you please post a picture of the green bag in the medium size? I really want a green bag! Thanks!;)
  7. I'm also interested how does the green one looks like? And how much does it retails? Thanks!
  8. The green is a deep true green, very pretty esp. since it is vinyl. However, and not to burst the bubble of ANYONE, the vinyl DOES feel like cellophane. VERY thin and flimsy. Yet, it's the material that makes these colors cause you to go "WOW, that is a gorgeous bag".

    (Saw them at the Saks trunk show)
  9. The small one is $1195 and the medium is $1695. They are made of vinyl and we only have black right now.
  10. tnx for the info Lucas
  11. Hi CHANELboy! What size is 12.5" x 8" x 3" (handle drop 9" )? Is it the medium or the small one? Please put me on the waitlist because I really want to get this handbag in bordeaux. Please let me know what infos you needed to be on the waitlist. Thanks!
  12. Hi Chanelboy..

    Would you be able to get a clutch that came out in the 2007 Cruize collection? It is black patent with a big diamond.
  13. Oops!!! Please and Thank you... :smile:
  14. cute! thanks for the info :yes: