The Rock Satchel

  1. Hey Chanel Girls,

    I wanted to know what you all think of the Rock Satchel. I saw it in the latest NM catalog and love it. Do you think it is a timeless piece being in the patent leather or just hot right now.

  2. Personally, I love patent leather, and would wear it even if it was not as "hot" in the future.
  3. Is it the same bag that Colleen is wearing in the celebrity area? If so, it looks kind of big, and therefore, very "bling..." because I liked it in the catalog too, but so hard to tell if you're going to like it IRL...
  4. is it patent or vinyl (i thought all rocks were vinyl). i can't bring myself to carry vinyl -- i don't like the hot sticky feeling of plastic against my body.
  5. I liked it in the catalog but I want to see it IRL
  6. Think it is real nice if it is leather.