The Rock flap bag. Is anyone liking it?

  1. It's funny b/c I am not a vinyl/patent person in general other than for clutches and I hated the vinyl Coco Cabas, but I am really loving the Rock flap (it's on the cover of the latest NM catalog) in the burgandy color! I also love that it has the classic chain.
  2. I just returned one to NM today (and there were a lot of "rock" bags on display). Its hard to explain but the bag feels weird...its padded vinyl, soft and squishy for $1695.
  3. feels like a helium balloon..Bleck..I didnt like it at all..sorry!
  4. I didn't like touching it much, but I actually like the way it looks!
    It's a very fun, novelty kind of bag, great if you don't want to take a bag too seriously.
  5. I didn't really care for the way it looked.
  6. The one I tired was overly stuffed with tissue paper. It probably looks better when it's not quite so round and full.
  7. I haven't actually seen it in person yet. It sounds like I probably should go take a look to get a better idea. Thank you for the replies.
  8. i love the bordeaux flap of the rock! And like you, i also don't like the cabas.. But what stopped me is.. Will you spend a lot of $$$ just for a vinyl handbag?
  9. ahhhh i love The Rock. I like the fact that it looks slightly tacky.

    without the tissue paper it does sag a lot, but its so much cuter that way.

    but also, being a guy, there are only so few chanel bags i can work with or wear, and the rock is one of the few, since its so out of the norm.
  10. Are you kidding? It's vinyl? I thought at least it would be patent leather!!
  11. I returned mine a few weeks ago...then found my baby cabas...for $1695...the price is almost as same as the baby cabas..thats not right for a Vinly bag...the vinly cabas was only 995 when it first came out...
  12. i don't care for it much either, it feels kind of wierd. i did like the look of it though.
  13. I'm liking it, the price and material don't bother me, I just can't figure out how I feel about the quilted part. Quilted vinyl? Not sure even after seeing IRL
  14. i freakin love it......................the smaller size is around $1,195 and fits so much. i think its edgy, quirky, adorable, and fun.......esp. in the bordeau
    love the big one too. but you see, i don't necessarily buy bags, not even Chanel, for the fine leather. if that were the case, would be into Hogan or even Coach :p

    will not buy it though, am on a purse ban for at least 6-8 months :sad: :banned:

  15. you can't get a new design Chanel bag that a decent size in leather for $1700:nogood: