The Rock Burgundy flap or cruise fabric flap in Black/White

  1. Hi all lovely ladies
    Betrayed Chanel for a while since I didn't find the styles appeal myself for a while. Tonight, while I dropped by the Chanel, I found 2 bags which I'd like to reward myself for getting a little salary increase.
    One is the Rock in burgundy, the small flap one (size is closer to the medium classic flap) :nuts: . My lovely SA was about to locate the last one in store. It's lovely, though expensive for a vinyl, and I do suspect whether it can hold up stuffs, but it's a great bag for the rain!!!
    The second one is a fabric flap from cruise line, size is like medium classic flap, in black/white with some patterns on it. The strap are with some charms. It looks lovely too and it's on SALE, US$900 :graucho:. I cannot find a pic anywhere...
    So if you were me, which one would you get and why?
    Thanks :p
  2. Can you post pics so we can compare?
  3. I am not crazy about fabric flaps. I think the vinyl is the better ...especially for the money we are spending). And you are right, the vinyl bag would be GREAT in the worries.