The Road to Louis...

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  1. I saw this on a Chanel thread and thought it might be fun here! (I don't have any Chanel so I couldn't play lol)...So what was your road to Louis? Mine was Coach->Michael Kors->Marc Jacobs/Kate Spade-> Louis Vuitton!
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  2. Coach > Marc Jacobs (still love my multi pocket) > Rebecca Minkoff > Stella McCartney > Louis Vuitton
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  3. Straight in to Louis Vuitton [emoji849]
  4. No traveling necessary, you were born there! lol I love it
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  5. LV was my first designer bag as well.
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  6. Kate Spade - Michael Kors - Louis [emoji4]
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  7. Michael Kors - Louis Vuitton
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  8. Coach -> Louis
  9. First one Mulberry Roxanne, then a couple of weeks later a LV Murakami Cherries Speedy, then A LOT of Mulberrys/Anya Hindmarch/Coach/Longchamp/Miu Miu/Fendi then back to LV with a vengence around 2012 starting with the Kusama Neverfull....
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  10. dooney & bourke ➡ coach ➡ kate spade➡LV
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  11. coach/ LV/ balenciaga/ michael kors/ dooney/ coach/ LV (again) :biggrin:
  12. Coach-LV-Coach-LV- and currently Coach/LV
  13. Like many others I started with coach and moved up to LV. There was the odd Burberry, Kate Spade and Michael Kors bag on the way but now I always seems to find my way back to LV (and occasionally Coach).
  14. Louis Vuitton to more Louis Vuitton
  15. Fun thread :smile:)
    Now I drive three lane lol LV of course is the fast lane