The Road To Healthy Hair

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  1. Let's discuss how you got your hair healthy things you've learned, mistakes you've made, products you love/hate, recommendations you want to share, and hair goals you want to achieve.

    I have curly hair and the most beneficial thing for me has been learning about product ingredients. I now know what ingredients my hair doesn't respond well too and I can stir clear of using those products and wasting money. I experimented with extensions and while they are nice, it should be done in moderation and fortunately for me it didn't damage my hair. However I won't be partaking in extensions again because I don't want to risk damaging my hair.

    Mistakes I've made was trying all the different things that were hyped and ended up being complete crap for me. I've always been good at caring for my hair so as they say if its not broke don't fix it. A lot of people think salon products are overrated and drugstore products work just as well however that's not the case for me. My hair has always been under the care of a stylist for the most part and I really believe that's largely why my hair has always been in great shape. Also the fact that I continue using great products at home keeps my hair in great shape.

    I think that's a mistake a lot of people make is that they go to the salon and get their hair repaired but don't continue the process at home, so your hair really doesn't make any progress. However I think it's important to choose a salon/stylist that use quality products as well or bring your own. At first I thought it would come off pretentious and rude to bring your own products for a stylist to use. However not all product lines work the same for everyone, so although I can like the stylist technique the products may not be suited for my hair. In which case I bring my own especially since I have to use a certain shampoo for my scalp.

    Also tools are very important and are not all created equal. I've tossed all my combs and now only use brushes, the Mason Pearson brush is one of the best hair investments I've made. I've always only used heat in moderation because heat is certainly a hair killer especially if you have color treated hair. I don't wear my natural hair color so my hair is always dyed and it's important that I use good protein and lots of moisture. Moroccan Oil Repair mask is a staple and I add the oil to it when I want it to be more hydrating.

    My goal is growing out my color so I can switch it up as I don't want to over process my hair by adding a new color on top of already processed hair. I'm also going to try to go without straightening and wearing my curls for the whole year.
  2. I also have curly/wavy hair. A couple of years ago I went to atylist that specializes in curly hair - best decision I ever made. She taught me how to work with my hair. I now only use sulphate free products. I rarely use heat on m hair. The best method I have found for my hair is wash g it in the evening and plopping it overnight. I have beautiful, soft, wavy curls in the morning.
  3. I have naturally curly hair. The best thing that ever happened to me was finding I figured out my curl type (3b), density, porosity, found a Deva trained stylist, and was able to learn about products. I plop in a microfiber towel and use silicone/sulfate free products. My hair like loves protein and coconut based products (and I've tried a LOT of products -drugstore to high end)! I've learned styling tips for formal affairs and general curly girl info...I love that website!!!
  4. I don't have curly hair but my hair is color treated & naturally wavy.

    I have found Olaplex helps a great deal & keeps your hair healthy.
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  5. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Do love the "oysters" are good for hair!!
  7. agree
    I've used to research products and to find hairstylists. My current stylist, who I found there, is wonderful. She cuts my hair dry and she showed me the Deva techniques. I choose not to buy products from her and she has no problem with that. I've found (also via NC website) a gel that works great for me with no bad ingredients that's really cheap (Garnier Pure Clean).
  8. The main thing which I understood about myself is that the bleachings and dyings are really bad for the healthy hair :thinking: Yeah I'm that type of person who likes such things but in that case you should also think about some restoring products and procedures. Also I'm really dissapointed with that fact how fast bright colours become pake and then you need to start everything again from the beginning :wacko: And no matter what type of hair-dye you choose, the result will be always the same.

    My hair belongs to the greasy type and it's another problem because I need to wash it rather often and sometimes it's really annoying... :tdown: I didn't find a way to solve this problem completely, though the situation with it now is better than in me teenage yars.

    I tried a lot of shampoos and other special products for hair and now I can say that nothing was so good as the handmade natural products :smile: They're the best! Besides only such shampoo really helped me with restoring my hair :rolleyes: Also very good are masks from different oils, my favourite are coconut oil and the argan one :smile: Even the professional shampoos with such ingredients like these are good, they're can also be an alternative if your hair becomes too greasy after such masks ;)

    My goals for this year are growing my hair long again and changing its colours again, also I'm thinking to make dreadlocks :supacool:
  9. I got mine healthy by washing it much less (couple of times a week, 3 if it REALLY needs it vs. every day), cutting down on heat-styling (I never use the blow-dryer and I wash at night and let it air dry. Once I style for the week, it is set until the next time I wash it.) I don't really brush it often either.

    The worst thing I've ever done for my hair is discover Moroccan Oil. It dried out my long hair, broke it off up to my ears, and it became super thin because I was losing hair by the handful. I wound up seeing a doctor, I was so concerned. Once I realized the culprit, into the trash that went and after a few months my hair was healthy, thick and long again.
  10. Mine was super greasy prior before, and still tends to be. I use dry shampoo to keep the greasies at day and the result has been tremendous. If you're looking for natural products, there are some tutorials on how to make your own with household ingredients. Use it at night (a tip I found on here!) so it can soak up the grease while you sleep and more if needed in the morning.
  11. I stopped dyeing my hair a few years ago and it was the best decision I've ever made. Never again! I started dyeing it at 14, and moved over to bleaching some years later and my hair was like straw. I also washed it way too often and blow dried it every time it was wet. Now I wash it twice a week, never blow dry and use dry shampoo when it gets greasy. My hair looks and feels so much better than it used to.
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  12. I have been heat free for a year and it's helped my hair tremendously.
  13. Yeah, I never thought about how damaging it could be, and while I stopped doing all those awful things to my hair at the same time I'm pretty sure heat was a major damage factor. I haven't cut or trimmed my hair in two years (laziness, ha) and I don't have a single split end, I used to get them so easily before!
  14. I have done everything I can possibly do and my hair is still poorly. Besides pinning it up in a bun every single day what kind of low impact "style" could I try?
  15. What is your routine? What products are you using?
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