The RMs I saw in real life today with pics!

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  1. At the Bloomies in NYC on Broadway I saw: (and here are my thoughts as well)

    1. Sterling MAB: I really wasn't nuts about this. The leather is very pebbly and textured and just too much
    2. Tangerine Matinee: I almost fell over when I saw this bag cause I know it is an RM bag myth! But it does exist. I took a pic with my it is.
    I have a tangerine MAM so I know 100% it was tangerine. It was cute but I didn't LOOOOOVE it.
    3. Yellow Matinee: Ok I almost fell over seeing this as well. Not sure if this bag was ever discusses. This bag was gorgeous. I put it on and I was in love. Here is the pic!
    4. Fuschia and gold crackle MAB: This bag is hot. I really thought it would be a little too much but it seriously isn't. No pic did this bag justice. This is now what I am hoping to score in the sample sale. Sorry no pic of this one!!!!
    5. Yellow with yellow/silver tinsel MAB: This is beatifuuuul. Really so nice. I know some people were't sold on this one but it is great! Here is the pic.

    Sorry the pics aren't better. I knew I should've had my camera with me!!!
  2. omg those are all sooooooooo gorgeous. i wish i lived in nyc so i could go there myself and just drool!
  3. :drool: Yellow/silverspot MATINEE!!! Awesome spy pics, thanks for posting! Oooooh, now I have to decide between dusty/silverspot and yellow/silverspot...
  4. If you're them...they will ship it!
  5. Which did you like better, the yellow MAB or the yellow Matinee?
  6. You're welcome. I took these pics for all you ladies!!! I am glad you enjoy them.... you have a matinee? If not then get that yellow matinee. It is really just so gorgeous!!!! But I can't recall if I saw silver on was on the yellow MAB
  7. matinee.....
  8. omg i love yellow. i almost want both. but i won't do that to my credit card!
  9. Hi Cig, sorry for all the questions, but do you remember if the yellow matinee leather is glazed or matte?

    BTW-THANK YOU for taking these pics and posting them!
  10. Oh of course...anything for you ladies!

    It was matte....

    Just so you know the yellow matinee and MAB were gorgeous. You would be happy with either...I swear! I believe the MAB was kinda glazed
  11. ^^^ great thanks! I think I will stick with the MAB then, because I like when light colors are a little glazed...I feel like it helps keep them a little cleaner!
  12. anytime!!! post pic of the yellow MAB when you get it!
  13. Thanks for the photos. I'm really liking the yellow/silver MAB.
  14. Thanks for the photos! I love the yellow Matinee - gorgeous. I'm with you on hoping for the fuschia/gold at the SS; wasn't so sure at first but all of the pics have looked just too good!
  15. I love the yellwo matinee but I got a yellow MAM and I didn't like the yellow but all thepics I see I love the yellow!