The RM Enablation and Cool-Your-Jets Thead

  1. Is enablation a word? No it's not! However, you know what I mean right? Come here to post and discuss the RM bags that you think you MUST have or are unsure about, so your fellow tpf'ers can bestow upon you and put to work their incomprehensibly fabulous enabler skills, or lend you their knowledge about specific RM bags that can aid you in making the right choice for you!

    So, I shall go first!

    Should I cool my jets on this bag, or allow my fellow purse junkies to enable me?

    By the way, for your information, while I was unsure about the Matinee before, I now love the Matinee for all of its well-placed and suede lined pockets, its thick scrumptious leather, and its versatility. I also love funky and beautiful colors, and I only have one Matinee (Wine/Red) already.





    By the way, Mockinglee, I have once again jacked your pics! :yes::heart: I snapped one of these lovelies up at the RM SS, and it has the gold hardware, and I am unsure if it cool/okay/justifiable/necessary/ to have two!
  2. Is that the dark gray matinee? i LOVE the dark gray matinee! Keep it!
  3. Unfortunately I'm not quite feeling this Matinee, GUNG. :wondering
  4. Heheh...all the better to ENABLE you, my dear. You have so many MABs and MAMs already. How about diversifying your portfolio?
  5. Would this be your first time stepping outside the world of MAB/MAMs?
  6. Does anyone here seem like the "cool your jets" type? :p Personally, I think that the wine and dark gray matinees are my favorites and totally TDF. Since you already have the wine......... :angel:
  7. I would say...Cool the jets on the matinee. You have the most beautiful color already. At least until you've had a chance to see the entire spring line.

    I've been rethinking the steady and the getaway satchel. Particularly since I have a small collection of the mam already. Especially in new colors. Is the steady as big as the morning after? Will there be a mini steady? Or is that the getaway satchel? How big is it what are the colors? :shrugs:

    Furthermore, I'm thinking of buying the spring ruffle merino cardigan to go with my new mini tangerine and violet.:yes:
    RM__get_away_satchel_night_dark_spot.jpg RM__steady_dusty_silver_spot.jpg 90991_BL7329_m_SP08.jpg
  8. OK I need some enablism!!!

    After seeing Gung's massive collection of MA/MAMs, I desperately want not one, but TWO more MAM bags! I'm in love with the Eggplant and Tangerine.

    However, I also am 100% positive that I'm going to buy the Steady bag as soon as I can get my greedy little paws on it. Do I *really* need 3 new RM bags (especially since I just got 2 new bal?)

    Help! =)
  9. Oooh daphodill which Bal bags did you get?! That's my other current fave right now! But since we're in the RM forum I don't want to sidetrack us. I think eggplant and tangerine are different enough that it's justifiable to have both in your collection (I might not say that about, say, a light brown and a medium brown). Which steady are you thinking of?

    And you KNOW it's never about need! :graucho:

  10. I want the steady in sterling. And it's a definite yes because I've been obsessing for like, 2 months now haha.

    ITA with you!! I have absolutely no bags in tangerine, and I've been wanting an eggplant for such a long time! It's totally justifiable right? And I hate carrying the same bags as everyone else, and who in Canada will be carrying a Tangerine (other than you Canadian girls on the forum?)

    (BTW I got an emerald first and magenta shoulder from bal) :biggrin:
  11. Gung, that is my absolute favorite matinee combo! I will take it off your hands in a heartbeat - but I think you should keep it cuz I love it so much!
  12. Mmm I LOVE the cardigan. It's such a bright vivid colour. Definitely will look fabulous with the tangerine =)
  13. daphodill, I love everything on your wish list! And your new Bals are great colors too. So if you wanted someone to not enable you, it ain't gonna be me, girl! I think you should get them ALL!!! hehe
  14. I was on the fence about the Matinee, in general, for the longest. I was finally enticed into buying one on sale(Midnight/Pewter) - and I love it! My main concern was that the shape of the bag wouldn't allow it to be as functional as the MAB for an everyday bag, but I was definitely wrong about that.

    If it were me, I think I'd have to wait for those fab Spring bags to come out first - just to make sure there wasn't a new "must-have" in the mix before I bought it.
  15. I love this Matinee combo, and the grey leather is so beautiful. But as others have suggested, there are spectucular RM bags coming in the spring so you might want to hold up for the all the new styles and many colors.

    I do sympathesize though. I'm eagerly awaiting the new spring styles and colors, yet still obsessing over 1) wine MA 2) pewter/midnight MA 3) glazed espresso with green suede Matinee.