The RM Dream Clutch and Dream Bag Thread!

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  1. I feel this bag is so seldom discussed! It is such a sexy little bag and deserves chitter-chatter! IMO, it is the best clutch ever! It is essentially like a mini handbag and is the perfect size to carry a bit of makeup, phone, ipod, small wallet and other odds and ends. The Dream Bag is the bigger version and is absolutely gorgeous!

    Does anyone else own the Dream Bag or Clutch? If so, please post pics! :yes:

  2. i'm eyeing the white dream bag on evilbay~ i asked the seller for a BIN but he/she just wanted to auction it off~ wish me luck!!!
  3. AKA^^i got the same dream bag from the same seller, and my auction ended as me being the only bidder! The seller is super nice! I hope you get the deal I got! I will post pics later, as they all have to be resized.
  4. Pics! Please:yes:
  5. Ooh! I like the clutch version too!

    You guys! This is too much temptation right now!! :shame:
  6. Girl save that temptation for the upcoming line! and then next spring RM will be custom choosing her colors too?!

    I'll see you all in the unemployment line soon! We'll be filing bankruptcy, and sleeping in the streets using our RM's as clothing to cover ourselves during the cold winter. :lol::lol:
  7. speaking of using your RMs as clothing to cover yourself up~ i remember seeing a thread in the LV forum where the girls (and guys) wear nothing but their LVs!! :nuts: let me find that thread!!!

    NOW~ whose game enough :graucho:
  8. OK~ so the wear nothing but your LV thread was closed by Vlad because the contents became "too sexual"~ still interesting tho~
  9. I think that the dream bag clutch looks adorable! And I love your white/cream dream bag, Desi! But I think I will hold off on buying anymore until the sample sale and esp when that Fall line comes out! Ugh - I need to find a weekend job to supplement my RM addiction!
  10. How big is the clutch version compared to the bag? I love the bag but I think it is waaay too big for me. I love it though!! Very gorgeous.
  11. bump - since more of us are getting Dream bags.

    My pictures are here
  12. The dream bag seems to be easier to find on sale.

    I know Blue Fly usually has some marked down.
  13. ^True true! I would love to find some more dream clutches though! They are the perfect itty bitty little bag for going out at night. Seriously, the size is perfect. It can fit a celly, some makeup, a small wallet and coin purse and some other little things.
  14. oh I'm so late too reply! But yes, I would SO totally be fine with that! :lol: