THE RING PART II - The Mousie ring that is!

  1. After seeing that adorable mousie ring a sweet TPFer posted I HAD to have a mouse myself. I'm dating myself but I remember when wooden mouse pins with leather ears were all the rage. Ok, the 60's.

    Anyway I found a mousie. :yahoo:

    Very cute IRL. Not as fabulous as the original mousie from Indonesia but very affordable.

    14-Karat White Gold Freshwater Pearl and Sapphire Mouse Ring (8x10mm)Diviniti. Divine jewelry of gold, diamonds and other precious gems
  2. I like it a lot.
  3. cute
  4. it's adorable.:yes:
  5. wow, $132? not bad! get it get it get it! I want to see it on a finger.
  6. it's teeny but adorable:yes:

    keeps me company. comes off when i do dishes!
  7. Oh man! I want this... it's too adorable! Can you post a pic of it on your finger please?
  8. I want it!!! Its so cute, I wonder what it is about mice..haha shoes, rings...we all love it!:lol: