The right thing to do?..LONG


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May 26, 2007
I know you guys can give me great advice,this is my problem...

I spent the whole last summer in Europe,around Hungary,Romania & France.And my parents are going this summer again,but....i don't want to go,i went in Europe again about 1 month ago and well...for now,im tired of it,i got LV homesick because they opened a new LV store in Budapest and i was like :drool: at all the bags there.Im a student,and I save up for all my Louis Vuitton purchases,and I prefer staying home this summer and getting a part time job and just relaxing and .....well.....saving up for a new bag!!!!!!!!!!
My parents are okay with the idea of me staying home,and they know im currently saving up for a speedy for my birthday in July(I bought my first LV for my birthday,so since then its a tradition for me),but what they dont that im kinda eyeing the white MC speedy....It was my first LV dream bag and still is,It's been 5 years since i drooled over it...and well I know I told my parents im getting the mono speedy 30 or 35 thats is like 700$....but I really...really prefer getting the MC speedy,because i know i will have the money for it this summer,but parents would soooo freak out if they knew i spent all my money on that bag...And yet...even if it's my own earned money,i kinda have this part of me saying listen to mom & dad they know,and a part saying...look you deserve it a lot,and you earned it,which i totaly know i do.....But why is there a part of me eating away inside by thinking of my parents face color change if they found out that my 2000$ is Bye Bye at Louis V?
They would not be mad...but Im not sure if it is a responsible thing for me to do...

Advice guys....because most of you have husbands,parents,etc....that maybe would feel a bit judgemental of how you spend your own money.

I keep thinking how cute I would look in all my outfits with the MC speedy...:girlsigh::crybaby:


-The girl who secretly :heart:'s the white MC speedy.

Love LV

Love LV
Jan 7, 2008
That's a tough call! $2000 is a lot of money on a bag when u were only planning on spending $700. And if your parents have a lot of influence in what bag you get then it will NOT be a pleasant surprise for them and would mean a lot of stress for you! And you wouldn't want that stress to interfere with your bag enjoyment!

But realistically I think it comes down to, if you can afford it then there should be no issue with getting a bag you love and will use.

Another way to look at it is you're saving money because you'd only be spending $2000 rather then spending $2700 - if you got the Mono Speedy but still wanted the MC speedy and ended up getting both -of course there are worse situations than this... ;)


Jul 5, 2007
My DH doesn't care as long as I'm happy. If don't get the MC Speedy, you'll be lusting over it and be not as happy with your 2nd choice Speedy. I say get it, but conserve the next couple of birthdays. Get a bag you LOVE, not only LIKE! :tup:


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Mar 8, 2008
i am having this same porb but i have decided i am going to buy it the bag is sooo lovely and is just perfect if you loved it alot like i do i am crazy for it def get it becuase it will make you happy :heart:3


Loving Couture
May 26, 2007
The mono speedy will make me really happy too,but the mc speedy is just like......lets say the mono speedy is milk,something you love and its great and its a classic u got to drink it,and the mc speedy is chocolate milk,you dont drink it too often but when you do,its always great!....this is a tough call.
Nov 18, 2006
Like the others have said, get your *true* love, or you will end up buying "replacements" and still lust after it! I say go for it!


Oct 8, 2006
u cud get your mono speedy and damier azur speedy and still have left over money for accessories! hehe. but if you like the MC enough then its worth it.


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Jul 6, 2007
If your really love the mc speedy, then I would say do it. It is alot for a bag, but if you will carry it alot it is an investment piece that you will carry for years.


Jul 31, 2006
It is your money. You're chosing to work and save to get this bag. If you want to save up 2K instead of $700, I feel that you deserve that bag.

I think you should mention the idea to your parents before you buy. Just a warning to them. I usually tell my husband that either I spend my money on a bag that I'll use forever...or I'll spend it on clothes that I'll wear for 6 months.

Good luck! Hope you can get the mc speedy!


Jul 23, 2007
Perhaps you might want to consider buying one that is in excellent condition, but slightly used? There are a number of good sellers out there or maybe you could find one in tPF marketplace? That might be a happy medium. You would still get your bag, but not pay quite so much for it. Just be sure that if you go that route, please have it authenticated here first.


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Dec 20, 2006
Oh my at first I thought you were 16 years old...then I saw that you are 22. That changes my response. Buy the White MC Speedy, but then go easy on the spending for a long, long time. And, work your little a$$ off this summer and make more than you planned...take the extra the day no one else wants to be scheduled!


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Jan 11, 2007
IMO it is best to buy what you want rather than buy around it. If you really want the MC and you save up/can afford it - get it. If you buy the mono, you will still want the MC so it will end up costing you $700 extra...hope that makes sense.

IMO it is always best to buy what you love, not what is the best deal.

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Oct 17, 2007
New Jersey
If you love it and can afford it I would buy the MC speedy and not tell your parents exactly how much it cost. I don't suggest lying but I know that when I buy a bag my parents know thay are expensive but really have no idea on an exact amount, and they wouldn't care to find out buy researching online, etc. Your parents may not agree with your decision but then again they are not sitting on the purse forum discussing bags with fellow LV lovers. :smile: The same way you may have a friend who disagrees with your decision to buy the MC speedy, your parents may disagree. But if you work hard it is ultimately your money and your decision to make. Whatever you do-- don't settle!!

Perhaps keep saving beyond the summer and see if you still really love the bag. It will be easier to justify spending that much on a it after you have saved well over 2K for the bag. Hope I helped!!