the right outfit for Suhali L'Imprevisible bag ??

  1. my mother had this Suhali L'Imprevisible bag ( is this the right name ? ) for almost 2 years,
    and i don't think she carry it with the right outfit until today
    she often paired it with just a black top and black pants too
    my sister once borrowed the bag and matched it perfectly ( i think )
    but you cannot put a youth style on a 50 years old lady :smile:
    mind post some pics just for some guidance ??
    i post my sister when carrying it :p
  2. hmmm... there's something not quite right about that bag :s

  3. hmm ?? what's not right with that ??
    tell me:s
  4. this is how a L'Imprevisible looks (courtesy of a fellow tPF member):


    count the studs and compare.
  5. ^
    The size of them is totally different too..

    I'm sorry.
  6. Oopss~~:oh:
  7. thanks,
    i think i need to tell my mother that she is tricked :s
    my mother got the bag from my aunt
    my aunt went to paris a few years ago, and asked her to buy the authentic bag
    when it arrived, it even came with the big brown box:shrugs:
    i hope my mother won't be that angry to my aunt
    thanks a lot for the information !
    it really helpful
  8. Don't you think it's just a smaller size (or doesn't this bag come in different sizes?).
    If that is a knock-off it sure looks good! wow... kinda scary actually
  9. besides from the questionabuility you look great
  10. Suhali is luxury, but what I love about the most is that you can dress it up or down, where whatever you want with it.
    And perhaps the bag is not fake, we need better pictures as the angle is odd, and is messing with the depth and perception of the size