The right boots to wear over skinny jeans!

  1. I can't find any I really like in stores... but I'm seeing ones I like on other girls, but not so much in situations where I'm able to ask where they bought them!

    I'm interested in two kinds-- short and knee length. And I think I'd like to try my hand at online shopping for these.

    Any suggestions? I like the fur, so I googled faux fur boots, but nothing too exciting came up. So I'm thinking maybe large online shops would have them, and even tried stores like Macy's but nothing too exciting... So I'm looking for some online stores anyone knows about? How about eBay even-- I'm open to that, but still nothing popped out at me. Mostly Sodas, I think they are, and I have tried those on and do not like the brand.

    I suppose brands could help TREMENDOUSLY! Any to let me know of?

    For some reason, I feel so lost on this style. I don't know why I feel so unconfident about it, but I love it. I just don't know the right mix, but I think it's the boots that are the problem to get right.
  2. I don't like any of my boots with my skinny jeans, except for my Chloe Paddington boots - they have just enough style to pull it off!
  3. Have you tried they have a ton of stuff to look at
  4. I like any knee length boots with skinny jeans. I have several boots I'm dying to wear with skinny jeans but not sure I feel confident enough. Only because I'm short and have a bubble butt so skinny jeans don't look as hot on me as they do on someone 6' with a flat ass.
  5. Here are the boots that I'm wearing over my True Region Billy and J Brand 12" skinnies:

    Stuart Weitzman




    LAMB (my favorites)
  6. Slouchy boots by Michael Kors are by far my favorite.
  7. Shoeangel, I love those report you know the style, approx price and who sells this brand? thanks!

  8. They are Report Nymph. Bought them at Zappos for $140. I think I saw them at Nordstrom (in black) this past weekend, as well. They are 100% comfortable. My boyfriend calls them my pirate boots. I love them to pieces. They were made to wear with skinnies.
  9. Ok--I am on it!!! Love them so much and great price!! I am a bit of a pirate:graucho: !!
  10. I love flat suede boots with skinny jean- the knee high ones. They are so comfy and they look really cute. You can find great ones on ebay. Same with flat riding boots.