The right bag for me..

  1. Hi,
    Im new to the forum and also to Coach..
    Im looking for a bag that i can use for quite while due to the fact i now live on my own and have bills to pay...
    Im thinking of the New SIGNATURE STUDDED GALLERY TOTE in brass/gold or the
    SIGNATURE STRIPE LARGE TOTE in brass/khaki. What do you girls think?? Do you have any other suggestions??
  2. I think they are both very nice,but I like the the stripe large tote a bit better for wear and tear.
  3. Signature Stripe Tote!! It's a bit more "timeless" than the Gallery Tote...especially with the studs. Both are cute, though!
  4. Have you considered the new gallery style totes in leather-- very beautiful.

    Still, between the two i would pick the signature stripe. I have it in denim and it's one of my most favorite bags. Regardless of which you pick, if you decide to pick up a handbag made from the signature fabric, invest in the fabric cleaner that COACH sells to maintain it. It's really kept my signature items very beautiful!

    GOOD LUCK! :tup:
  5. Thank you girls for your suggestions, i think im leaning towards the signature stripe.....
  6. I agree, the signature stripe would be more timeless!
  7. Another vote for a signature stripe tote...I love totes!
  8. Welcome!
    I vote for the siggy stripe tote!
  9. Totally signature stripe!! The new bronze color is beautiful (if you're into sparkly)!!
  10. another vote for signature stripe AND the signature fabric cleaner---definitely worth the 10 bucks!!! I've had many mystery spots disappear from using the sig cleaner when all else failed...:tup: Welcome to the forum by the way!!:welcome:
  11. Thank you.. I've decide on the signature stripe tote with the fabric cleaner