The right bag for me? I need to ask the pros!!

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  1. The desire for a Bolide is driving me absolutely nuts, lol. I had planned on purchasing a 31cm Trim first (end of April), and I do really, really want one...I just want the Bolide more :biggrin: So I'm contemplating making it my first bag and waiting an extra 2-3 months for it. Long, painful wait, hah, but I really, really want one :love:

    So, my question is: Well, firstly, I think I prefer stiff leathers to smushy ones :sweatdrop: And my height is only slightly over 5'3 (I'm shrimpy :shame:smile:. What would be a good size/leather for a Bolide for me? And given the leather and size, how much does the current Bolide run? Also, if it helps, I carry the following with me every day: wallet, makeup bag (about 7inches long, 3 tall), my agenda (7 1/2 long), and a sunglass case.

    I have mentioned my love for a Bolide that was in the Charlotte store, but all I know is that it was in Rose Shocking Chevre, and that it seemed hmm maybe of the smaller size (maybe 27 or 31cm?), but a really good size for me. It was quite stiff. I tried it on with the shoulder strap, which I thought would look bleh, but it actually looked really really cute! I just don't know the cm size or the exact price :confused1: My bf said he heard the guy mention that it was around $5,000+ I believe, but I don't know if that is correct or not. I'm curious about what the various sizes cost right now in stiff leathers, such as Togo, Chevre, and whatever other stiff leathers there are ^^

    Or maybe I should just be patient and get my Trim first :sweatdrop: You know, when at class, I should be sitting in Medieval Literature analyzing Pearl to the best of my abilities...and instead...I'm analyzing a BAG purchase :wtf: OMG help me!!! lol
  2. PEARL, omgd, haven't thought about that in years.
    why do you want the trim? i mean is it better for you for any reason?
    don't hesitate to save for the bolide instead and get that first if that bag means so much to you. the way you write, i am having trouble understanding why the trim is even a consideration if you want the bolide more.
    how small was the bag you tried on? for it to be chevre and 5k, it had to be the 27. togo/fjord/clemence in a 31 are 5k+a little and they are less expensive (ha!) leathers.
    if you like stiff then you have a lot of choices. box, chamonix, chevre, epson, etc. etc. the only soft ones are clemence, togo, maybe swift(?) i think.
    5'3 - i think the 31 would look wonderful.
  3. get the bolide first if that's the bag you want more. getting the trim isn't going to make you want the bolide any less, but it WILL lengthen the wait until you get one.

    have you considered a "pre-loved" bolide? i've seen some great deals on barely used bolides . . .
  4. Oh, I love that term- 'pre-loved'! Both bags are so different. If you really want a Bolide, I'd wait the extra months and get that.
  5. Neeya, I think a 31 bolide would be a great size, maybe vache liegee if you like stiff. The nice thing about the bolide is it's flat on the bottom, easier to keep all your accessories organized than with a trim.
  6. Really? I thought the Chevre was less expensive then the Togo and clemence and such :huh: I guess I'm still not as knowledgeable as I should be :shame: I wanted a stiff leather with a nice texture that I wouldn't have to worry about being easily damaged, and one that was able to hold bright color (I love how some leathers look gorgeous in Blue Jean or Turquoise and some others are a bit less bright in the same color, but different leather).

    I love the bolide, but it's the fact that I have never owned a handbag, and that kinda scares me. Everything I own has been a shoulder. I'm scared I'll put a handbag down somewhere and it will get snatched up :s Even though I know the bolide has a strap, and I know it looks nice, I wanted to be able to carry it as a handbag, because it seems much more elegant. I wanted to purchase two bags before I graduate, and I can't seem to adjust to the idea of having two bolides, hence the addition of the Trim (plus the whole shoulder bag deal). I thought about a Kelly, but they are pricier then bolides (I'm pretty sure?), and I wouldn't be able to get one until sometime around March-April of next year (if I bought a Bolide this year). I really like the kelly, but it is one of Hermes more recognizable bags, and I kinda have a thing for the less recognizable ones ;) Though of course I want one when I get a bit older :yes:
  7. I also agree the other ladies in saying get the bolide. Trim bags are great but IMO Bolide is a better investment. I am 5 4" and I personally have the 37cm bolide is clemence. (Soft leather) I feel like this is the best size because you can use it for everyway use. The others are too small for me. But here is a thought if you have $5000+ (hermes raised their prices) why not save more for a kelly bag...:queen: If you want a kelly bag you can usually call around and locate it. Now a kelly bag you can have forever with no regrets. Just a thought. Don't buy the trim. I have one and rarely use it. If you want a trim I suggest getting a Gucci jackie O bag and saving the money for a Kelly or Bolide bag. Good luck.:yes:
  8. Personally I think the Bolide is a more versatile bag than the Kelly, especially for a college student. The Bolide has a much more casual feel. I have a 31 and a 37. I think the 31 is a perfect size. You won't be carrying books in either one, so you don't gain much from going to 37.
  9. I forgot to add that you should remember that the Bolide is both a handbag and a shoulder bag--so is the Kelly, for that matter.
  10. dressage queen: I would love a pre-loved bag, but I think it's the first-time-buying-an-Hermes-bag store experience that I'd love to have :smile: After that, I have no qualms whatsoever buying a bag from a reseller :yes:

    mizzle: I think vache liegee would be a good leather for me that I hadn't considered before! Thank you! :smile: Do you know how much 31cm bolides in this leather run? Or I guess I should ask, what colors does it come in, and how bright are the colors?

    I've considered a Kelly before (I think they are lovely!!!), but it just seems so mature for someone my age :sweatdrop: Plus it's easily recognized as being an Hermes bag, and I don't know why, that seems to make me nervous right now...I really can't explain that :shrugs:
  11. Ahhh I love it, lol!!! I always thought Chevre was a good choice for me :yes: I just wish it was in bright pink! :biggrin: I love/want an orange bag, but no one seems to think I can pull it off :shame:
  12. nonsense -- of course you can!
  13. Kelly's aren't much more expensive than Bolides--I think a Bolide is at least $5000 and a 32cm Kelly can be around $5400, depending on leather.
  14. I didn't know that! I still love the Bolide, but I know how classic a Kelly would be...hah this just got much harder, lol. Maybe a Bolide first, followed by a Kelly? Maybe a Kelly first, followed by a Bolide? :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: I think a Bolide in Turquoise and a Kelly in some bright pink...Rose Shocking or Framboise, would be just gorgeous!! I just wish I knew what leathers I could get each color in :s So you really think that I could get a 32cm Kelly for under $6,000? I wonder what leathers I could choose from O_o I've never really looked at Kellys before :shame: