THe Riches on FX

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  1. Does anyone watch The Riches? I think it's so addicting and the actors are casted perfectly! What do you guys think is goona happen this season? Too bad there are only 7 episodes this season :sad:
  2. I love The Riches too. Eddie Izzard is so good. I cannot believe the things that he is able to talk his way out of.
  3. I know right?! i wonder what is going to happen with Pete since hes dead and people probably will come to look for him. The show is soo different from anything I've ever seen before. do you watch it every week?
  4. Actually, I tivo it every week. I can't stay up that late to watch it. Even when I try, I end up falling asleep during it. Lol.
    The show is really well written. I mean, how else can you explain the fact that a group of con artists, who do dispicable things, are so likable.
    I love the youngest son. He is just so cute.
  5. lol, i thought it was funny when he found the money and was like i was saving it for a rainy day. i think my fav is cael probably.
  6. I just started watching this show. So far I like it. I like Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver. I need to still see season 1 though. I'll have to pick it up somewhere.

    Why are there only 7 episodes this season? They are not going to end up cancelling it are they? Or is it because of the writer strike?
  7. it's because of the strike. i saw on some site a place where you can watch it, but i'm not sure if it's legal. its
  8. I love this show. The first episode of this season was amazing! Everytime something happened I was like :wtf:, but it was completely believable! I really hope the ratings pick up and they get a third season.
  9. Dale scares the hell out of me. He is bat ess crazy!
  10. I like this show, it's so interesting. I like it better than Dirt this season so far.
    Hi pink, OT what is your avatar? Is that a new Dior makeup charm? It's so cute.
  11. i just typed dior into a search bar on a photo website and found and liked this one. so im not sure if it is a makeup charm sorry!