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  1. Anyone watch this show?

    Minnie Driver is on it. EVERY handbag she carries on it is COACH! Every episode she is carrying a different one!

    Just wanted to share!
  2. Never heard of this show...
    Wht time does it come on?
  3. More info... I would love to check it out!

  4. Well you think 'Shereen Rich' would carry crap bags?


    I like this show...not as much as Dirt...but it's still pretty good.

    It's on 10pm (est) on Mondays on FX. I can't stay up that I Tivo it...
  5. I've been meaning to catch this show! Now I must check it out to see the perty Coach!
  6. I started watching but can't stay up that late!! Have not seen any Coach purses there. Oh well, wait for the DVD, I guess. It is a pretty cool show, though.
  7. I love the Riches!! Ive got to pay more attention the the Coach bags, cant believe I missed them lol!