The Richard Prince Monogram PULP Club!

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  1. Show your beautiful Richard Prince & Marc Jacobs Collaboration s/s 08 Limited Edition Monogram Pulp bags!!!

    Here's mine - RP Pulp PM - Yellow
    pulpfront.JPG pulpback.JPG
  2. ^^
    Congrats!!! This bag is really growing on me!!! I got to see it in person and it's really stunning in person! I also love the interior lining!!! Will you use it as an everyday bag or more for traveling?
  3. oh, this is definately an everyday bag for me! hehe :heart:
  4. I'm in too :yahoo:. Yours is TDF. I had such a hard time deciding between yellow and salmon (pink :rolleyes:).

    Mine's the GM, I would have gotten the PM too if I had the money :nogood:.

  5. both gorgeous!!! i LOVE the gm though it looks like it fits a bunch!
  6. Oh yeah it fits a ton and a half! It's going to be wonderful when I travel.
  7. speyta...yours is totally TDF :love: too! It's so beautiful :yes:
  8. Congratz Gayle and Speyta! They're so gorgeous! I tried both on at the Boutique and I am just loving these bags!!!
  9. ^^^ Thanks Riley! :heart:
  10. Finally, a club for pulp!

    Thanks GayleLV!
    DSC09233.JPG DSC09236.JPG
  11. I'm in -- who has worn/carried (ok, I can't get used to the verb "wear" for a bag -- but I'm tryin') theirs and where? I know mine will be an everyday bag over the summer -- it feels a bit bright for right now -- trying to figure that out. I'm a little amazed that awareness of this bag/collab spills out into people who I never thought of as LV people -- but then that would be me too, wouldn't it as this is my first LV.
    wide.jpg inmirro.jpg
  12. wow!!!!!!!
  13. Did you all see the page sized pic of the rose GM in Elle this month? They flattened it out and called a bowler - what's up with that (at first I thought, what they're doing a bowler? but it was clearly the GM). Someone swat that Nina Garcia chick for bad copy editing !! Colors looked absolutely yummy.
  14. gorgeous bags, love this club
  15. Congrats to the new Pulp club members, your bags look fabulous. This line is just too awesome.