The reveal of my Tod's darlings

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  2. vernislady, thank you for sharing your Tod's collection with us. I'm always enjoying those pictures. :yes:
    Your shopping D-Bag is so beautiful with its classic Tod's colour in combination with the darkbrown seams. And of course I like the zipper on top. I have a sucker for zippers on top. :nuts: :biggrin:

    Unfortunately, I also don't know the name of your other Tod's bag. But your bag is shown in my look book from Spring/Summer 2003. There isn't mentioned a stylename. The description says: "chain shoulder bag with outside gusset flap pockets".

  3. Very nice
  4. Thank you, Melora, for your advice!

    Glade, that you enjoy my pictures!
  5. :smile::tup: Another Tod's fan in Germany.

    Nice collection
  6. Thank you for sharing your collection with us! OMG! your no name bag is one of my favorites! I had it a long time ago in black, loved the side pockets and the chains on the straps, so elegant and yet fun!
    You have very good taste, love the cream color!:graucho:
  7. Yes, I love it too. I don't know, if you remember, but I asked a few month ago in the authentication thread about this bag. That time you told me about your black one. Because of that I decided to buy it.:biggrin:
  8. Yes, a great "Hello" from Germany to Germany;)
    Glad that it appreciates!
  9. Vernislady, beautiful! Thank you for posting. I tried to add image tags so the pics showed up in the post, but for some reason it did not work.
  10. Thank you, jburgh.

    I really don't know why I can not upload images directly. I tried it as a file from my computer and as a URL file. Both did not work. :sad: That's why I put the links in directly.
  11. Nice bags congrats!
  12. Very nice!!
  13. Thank you:wave:
  14. Nice collection.
  15. I love these! Lucky you!