The reveal of my Bay after a day at the spa...

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  1. This afternoon, my new-to-me Bay arrived. I purchased her for a good price, but she had some boo-boo's that needed attention. So, after an afternoon of cleaning, conditioning and some minor repairs with super glue, here she is. Still, not completely perfect (I did the repairs myself!) but I LOVE her!

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  2. Pretty!!
  3. This is my favorite Chloe!

    It is such a beautiful bag. Only the best of luck with your beautiful new Bay.
  4. Thanks to both of you! I have an unquilted, but always loved this style! I am happy with her. It would have been great to buy newer, but I have gone a little insane lately with bags, so the budget for her was smaller! ;)
  5. Congrats !!!!
    Classic Chloe in a classic color, it is beautiful
    TLC is good way to speed up the bonding process :lol:
  6. You have done a fine job, she looks wonderful! Your hard work has paid off!!! :yahoo:
  7. well done
  8. it looks great, congrats! The black quilted bay is a stunning style :smile:
  9. Guess I saw her on Ebay...if so, you really did a good job :nuts:...congrats...I love the quilted bay style...such a chloé- addiction started with exactly this style...
  10. Congratulations... i love the bay style as well...
  11. Thanks everyone for the nice comments! I had originally planned on taking her to a repair shop, but I am very impatient so I decided to try myself. I think it turned out well...she looks much better than she did, anyway!!
  12. You can't go wrong with the quilted Bay it's one of my favourites and actually i think the black looks even better once it's been worn in a bit - congrats on the repair job! :smile:
  13. Gorgeous. Good job and congrats.
  14. Love the Quilted Bay in black! Good job, well done!