The return of the Stella?

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  1. I was looking at the Marc Jacobs bags on the Saks website, when what do I see?

    Stella, is that you?

    [image from]

    Here's the information from the site. I have no idea what "Moate lining" means.

    Marc Jacobs

    Classic Stella Messenger Bag

    Eternally chic bag from Marc in richly crinkled calfskin with lots of necessary pockets. Golden hardware
    Tonal topstitching
    Double top handles with buckle accents, 7" drop
    Shoulder strap, 17" drop
    Double front buckle pockets
    Front outside zip pocket
    Inside cell phone pocket
    Maote lining
    About 17"W X 11"H X 4½"D


  2. Not loving it. Give me classic Stella any day.
  3. I agree Cindi. I think we are Stella-holics. :yes:
  4. Definitely. I do love the color of the new Stella. I just wish it wasn't in the so (un) cool leather. :P

  5. ugh, seriously. Un-cool leather! LOL! love it!
  6. is it just me, or does it look a lil wider and less deep than the stella??
  7. The new Stella really reminds me of a bag I would haul to the beach. It's HUGE and kind of a weird proportion. I was at Neiman's today trying to like it and the combination of the proportion and the So Cool leather just made me wish the old one's were still around =/
  8. Are you there, Marc? It's me, Ashley.
  9. not feeling these at all...why do you need a second shoulder strap for a bag that already fits on the shoulder? :shrugs:
  10. thats kinda what i was thinking too...:confused1:
  11. I could be wrong but I think that is a cross-body strap like he used for the popular E/W Mercer tote (Spring 2008).
  12. I really love it in taupe:

  13. The colors are gorgeous, I even like the style, it is the leather that I don't care for. Not up to MJ standards IMO. It looks cheap in person and is very thin. Sorry to anyone that loves the So Cool leather, just not for me.

  14. i love the plum color, but not crazy about the new style stella. i like the classic stella so much more :smile: same thing with the big just looks weird..
  15. ^ i agree. doesn't it look wrinkly? they shouldn't have done those slit pockets in the front.