The return of the shoulder bag?

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  1. For a couple of years I found it quite difficult to find a shoulder bag design at LV I like- either the straps were never intended to be carried on the shoulder or the designated shoulder bags were not my style (like the Batignolles or the Tulums).

    But first LV lengthened the straps of the Saleya mm and then started to make some great new designs like Hampstead, Neverful, Tivoli and now the Montorgueil (but I start to wonder if at least the pm straps might not be a bit too short) and the Galleria.

    What I wonder is- might the shoulder bag come back, finally? Can I hope for more great shoulder bag designs and will there even be a new "shoulder bag" trend?

    Who else would prefer more shoulder bags in all ranges?
  2. I've had similar issues with LV. The problem I've had with most of the bags with two straps is that one strap constantly falls off my shoulder. Having that happen so often is just too much! So, I'm hoping for more attractive, one-strap, shoulder bags. The current one-strap styles are rather bland.

  3. give it a while. maybe a year or two.
    you'll see. The beauty about fashion is that everything always comes back! ;)
  4. This happens to me too. I hate it when the 2nd strap just keep falling off... we've got small shoulders haha...

    but the Beverly MM is awesome! it's got a single strap and it's beautiful and functional. I thought it's one of the best bags!

    It would be great if there are more bags like Beverly MM.
  5. the 2nd strap falling off problem has been keeping my mom away from LV for quite some time now.

    though i do like how a lot of the new bags have a a combination of handheld, shoulder, or messenger option.
  6. Yes! Me! Me! :yes: lol
    I'm all for shoulder bags! I prefer zippered tops too. That's why I'm so loving the new Monty! I'm hoping LV will come up with more shoulder bags too.
  7. Just thinking about a shoulder bag makes my arm hurt. I prefer the hand-held ~ but I like variety for all. I actually can't see why they push different bags as "trends" ~ and then the "out" stuff almost disappears from inventory.
  8. I am a shoulder bag girl at heart, though I love my Speedy. I have the shoulder problem too, with the 2-strap bags-annoying but I deal with it. My Hudson has THE most comfortable strap-love it! and the bag itself is so compact (compared to wearing my Tivoli GM) under my arm-its a FANTASTIC one-strap bag!
  9. I think that they need to make the phone pockets wider now that there are more phones in use like the blackberry or iphone. The current cell pockets don't fit my iphone but hey my pack of gum fits!! LOL!!
  10. I really wish they could have made the monty pm strap about 2 inches longer, then it would be absolutely PERFECT!
  11. I prefer shoulderbags!!!
  12. I have to wear my heavy Longchamp tote every day during the week so I look forward to my Speedys. I am not such a fan of shoulder bags anymore-- I like my petit noe, but my Speedys feel more natural to me.
  13. Hooray for shoulder bags! I like having free hands.
  14. im really liking the variety of shoulder bags that have released in the past couple of years (BH, Saleya, Neo Cabby, Nimbus, Monty, Hamstead, etc). I believe they are equally as classy as hand held bags because their ....LV!
  15. I hope so, I love my hand helds, but I find myself constantly going back to my MOCA Neverfull MM and my BH. I like having my hands and arms free. Sometimes with my hand helds, I feel like I'm going to bash into things too much.