The Return of the Saddle Bag

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  1. The navy one in grained calfskin is my favourite! Congratulations!
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  2. Beautiful combination!
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  3. Does anyone know if Dior saddle Himalayan crocodile bag hold its value (in terms of resale)?
  4. Unless it is Hermes crocodile, designer brands' crocodile bags do not hold their value. In fact, their depreciation is extreme on resale sites.
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  5. Does anyone like their small saddle? I’m still obsessed with the look of the small one with a strap.
  6. Saddles up for pre-order at Saks. Credit to eddyluxurygoods.
    eddyluxurygoods - B2RjEHxnjRU_B2RjEFwHPLR.jpg eddyluxurygoods - B2RjEHxnjRU_B2RjEFvHEco.jpg eddyluxurygoods - B2RjEHxnjRU_B2RjEGDHKuK.jpg
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  8. Hi everyone! I never posted here before but I am in quite a dilemma.

    I am purchasing my first ever designer bag (VERY EXCITED) and I am in love with the dior saddle in grained pink leather! But as it is my first bag, do you think I should play it safe and go for a more classic style such as the diorama?

    Im sorry if its a really tired question, but the common advise is to always play it safe and Im wondering if the saddle is going to be so out dated looking in a year
  9. Hi, congrats in advance, I can feel your excitement! Are you going to use it as an everyday bag? If so it’s quite small and may not meet your needs. Unless you are quite minimal and use it with another strap..

    If its a special occasion/ glam bag, I think the saddle style is very classic. Even if it goes out of style, it will come back into style again.

    For a first bag I will buy a more versatile bag, but if it makes your heart flutters, just go for it! You must be in love with it, classic or not. Have fun choosing!
  10. Hi thanks for the reply! I am planning to use it as an everyday bag. I have actually moved all the stuff I had in the bag I was wearing at the time to the saddle and it fits! (I have an iphone 8) . And the grained leather seems quite durable as well

    Im just concerned that with all the hype it has right now, it will be out of fashion next year. But maybe I shouldnt care about this at all and just choose what I like:smile:
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  11. Unlike other super-hyped bags, this one is a reissue from Dior's archives which means that it is now considered a classic Dior piece. It will be available for many more seasons, which means that it will be "in fashion" for a while.
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  12. Is the smooth leather on the Saddle the same as the Montaigne? I feel like the leather on the Montaigne is much more fragile.

  13. Stunning set! You’re making me want a saddle! I wish I had bought one years ago so I could use something already in my collection.
  14. Mink Saddle. Credit to saks_mojie.
    saks_mojie - B2hXwRJH9oN_B2hXwO7HAJn.jpg saks_mojie - B2hXwRJH9oN_B2hXwO6HA8u.jpg saks_mojie - B2hXwRJH9oN_B2hXwO7nKPT.jpg