The Return of the Saddle Bag

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  3. I finally went for the mini with a strap. I ended up spending so much more than I originally intended :0. I do really like the look of the bag in mini. I can fit in an LV zip key case with my cards inside, lipstick, iPhone 10. It’s definitely fiddley but I’m hoping it will soften up a little making it slightly easier to squeeze stuff in. The bag would hold so much more if they didn’t make that center pleat SO extreme. Considering getting a smoother iPhone case so it doesn’t get stuck on the suede (I have a rubberized case)

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  4. Congratulations! It's a beauty! I wouldn't try to stretch this out. It may make the shape look a bit lumpy which takes away from the clean architectural lines of the bag. I think it's super adorable, and the strap looks like a match made in heaven.

    If you do want a Saddle that can hold more, then I suggest eventually getting the next size up. You already have the strap, so might as well get more bags to go with it. With this strap colour, you can get a navy, black. or even a light blue Saddle and they would look perfect together.
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  5. I was browsing the Dior website and came across this bag, which functions similar to bags like the Celine Trio, but is much more unique and stylish in my opinion. It is made of durable grained calfskin:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. I really like this. Wonder if it goes crossbody. I’ll be asking my SA tomorrow
  7. I think it does. The strap looks long enough for it.
  8. I like this A LOT
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  9. It is modeled here on an attendee of the recent Dior Cruise 2020 show. It is long enough for crossbody wear:
  10. I have to share this picture too. The Saddle looks so nice!
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  11. I think so too. I’ve been holding off getting one but I’m getting weaker after this pic Hahahaha
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  12. I love this! I just ordered the oblique version:smile:.
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  13. Please share pictures when you receive it!
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  14. Here are pictures of the Oblique version. The price point is pretty good, at £940.00:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. This is beautiful! I wonder if the strap are detachable. I’d love it in the burgundy
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