The Return of the Saddle Bag

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  1. I've only ever saw the Saddle on one person (back in October), and she accessorized it with a Dior guitar strap. It was very chic. I wish I saw it more.
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  2. I owned the old saddle bag in the early 2000's but it got so worn that I ended up "retiring" it. I still love the design up to now so I got myself the new one on my recent trip :smile: I loved it then, I love it still. Thanks for letting me share :smile: 50115480_291392188234472_4493401274770784256_n.jpg
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  3. 70102511-873E-49A2-9126-4E1B25899DBD.jpeg
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  4. I notice that most of the vintage saddles have shiny gold or silver hardware while the new ones have the aged hardware. I was also told that the vintage saddles in black or dark brown with the aged gold hardware and contrast stitching (picture of blogger notjessfashion attached, not my own) are rarer to come by — true?
  5. They may look more "rare" because the Saddle was released in more styles with polished/shiny metal hardware, but they weren't limited edition or actually rare back then.
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  6. Toughest time deciding!
    8ECCF59E-FE72-4C13-8DE1-CD8465A8323A.jpeg Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 7.54.25 AM.png
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  7. Follow your heart when you make the decision...
    And let us know what you decide .
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  8. I have to say, the Saddle is one of those rare cases where the reissue looks better than the original, both in terms of quality and of design...
  9. I had a natural color leather one with the aged hw and contrast stitching... I also don't think they were particularly rare and fairly easy to come by just before the Saddle mania went crazy
  10. Completely agree! I was always on the fence with the original because I do love the design but I hated the Velcro and cheap lining.
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  11. I also like the way the C and D look on the new one, as well as the more structured shape.
  12. Both gorgeous. For longevity I say leather. In a perfect world, I’d say both
  13. Any ideas as to how much I can possibly sell this baby for? I love it to bits but since I almost never wear it anymore.
    IMG_7911.JPG IMG_7912.JPG IMG_7913.JPG IMG_7914.JPG
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  14. I would say between $500-$700 on Ebay, as that is what they are going for on Ebay
  15. I just got Kim Jones' saddle bag and I wondered if the ladies used any form of custom fit insert for their saddle bags? I figured I could do with some dividers so as to compartmentalise it up.