The Return of the Saddle Bag

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  1. Still can't get the Mini Saddle out of my mind. :girlsigh: Probably for my birthday next year. Can't quite decide if I want the classic Navy Oblique, Burgundy Oblique, or the smooth black calfskin. I love the Mini for crossbody wear. If I'm going for the medium size, I'd have to choose between the Burgundy Oblique and grained Amaranth. I think I prefer warm tones for this size. More harmonious with the gold hardware.

    I'm in love with this combination. :love: The strap will be available in the coming weeks, worth £1400. I prefer the fringed straps for a bit of dynamism but I might have to pass with that price tag. :crybaby:
    Dior mini saddle smooth calfskin black 1544172316_M0447CWGH_M900_E12_ZH.jpg
  2. Hello Everyone,
    This is my first post over here (maybe my 1st post on this site?)
    I'm new to Dior. The resurgance of the saddle, and of trotter print; is literally making my chest hurt lol. I'm suddenly lusting over these throwback designs. I've decided I have-to-have one (or a similair trotter style) for myself.
    I've enjoyed reading what you guys have said so far. I'm currently struggling to come to an agreement with a reseller over the price of an older bag. Hearing about all of your experiences has been helpful to me, so thanks! (:
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  3. The strap looks gorgeous!
    My first ever Dior bag is the saddle bag. I just got it in burgundy grained calfskin. Agree it goes better eight the gold hardware. I chose the medium size as the mini is just a tag too tiny.
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  4. You Guys.. I pulled the trigger.. And also bit the bullet lol. I purchased the same bag I was referring to before, the one in which the seller & I couldn't come to an agreement over the price. (excellent condition, harder-to-find vintage trotter crossbody, not a saddle though.) I actually ended up apologizing to her for underestimating the value of the bag, and paid just under asking. The ultimate deciding factor was that I kept researching / reading about the major rise in demand for these vintage bags, & figured it was literally now or never! The bag started shipping today, I can't wait to see it in-person.
    I'm planning to send it to Rago Brothers. I'd like to have a magnetic snap-button added to the closure & have the whole bag detailed.
    I have searched the forum for threads / info on Rago Bros & read nothing but good things. I wanted to know if any of you guys have had any personal experiences with them, or have any advice for me in general..?:smile:
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  5. Such a statement piece. But Wow.....
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  6. New Embroidered Saddle. Cruise 2019, if I'm not mistaken. Credit to catlovesshopping IG.
    Dior Saddle Catlovesshopping.png
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  7. Hi @averagejoe can you confirm if there is a slow down in the demand of the saddle bag? I have came across plenty of these bags at Bergdorf Goodman & Saks fifth ave before and after Christmas. The pictures posted are from Bergdorf Goodman both stores had an abundance of these bags similar styles and colors. I believe some of the small logo covered accessories might become available at the outlets by the summer. The denim patch bag was on display and I almost passed out. I didn't think the denim bag would become available in the United States. 20181229_174147_wm.jpg 20181229_174207_wm.jpg 20181229_174257_wm.jpg 20181229_174327_wm.jpg
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  8. No, these bags are definitely here to stay for a few years, if not longer. The new Pre-Fall 2019 collection is full of new Saddle styles, and Dior doesn't send any bag styles to the outlet that are still selling at full price in their boutiques. Dior has invested heavily in the Saddle bag line and will continue to do so.

    While I think this is a smart move, I think that they should promote their new Miss Dior (pictured at the bottom of the shelves in your last picture) and their Dior 21 lines more. Those are remarkable bags that didn't get much attention because of the promotion of the Saddle bag.

    Each boutique received a lot of new stock for the holiday season, which explains why there are so many of the Saddle styles on display.

    Most bags that are initially released go through a hype phase where production does not match the demand for the bag, so it's very difficult to get a bag during that time. However, as the production continues, more people who want the bag now have it, and so demand decreases. This doesn't mean the bag will go out of style, or go to the outlets. There are plenty of Lady Dior bags in your photos, but that doesn't mean that their demand is really low and will go to the outlets (trust me, they won't).

    Gucci's Dionysus and their GG Marmont flap bags are examples of bags which had a huge demand when they first came out, but now demand has slowed down. This doesn't mean that they don't sell anymore at the boutiques. They still do. This also doesn't mean that Gucci is marking down these styles at the outlet, although Gucci is a bit different in that some Marmont styles have made it, but not the leather flap versions which are still selling well.
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  9. I love the new Miss Dior line. I tried the Oblique Miss Dior and thought it a more practical alternative to the Saddle. But the heart wants what the heart wants and it wants a darn Saddle! :lol: I think the Miss Dior in leather would age beautifully with time. I adore a good, smooshy leather bag. And with that aged gold hardware it just looks lovely. :girlsigh:
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  10. I like the Cannage lambskin Miss Dior more than the Oblique version. The Oblique looks remarkable on the Saddle, because I guess both of them are, well, oblique.
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  11. Thanks @averagejoe on educating me on the process of a high demand handbag:tup:
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  12. Dubai, MOE
  13. Another beauty. The boutique also had a small light grey bag same print. 20181231_125238_wm.jpg
  14. Wow! :loveeyes: Totally loving the alligator Saddle!
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  15. #345 Jan 1, 2019
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    Saw two Saddles in the wild this holiday season. Both Medium Black calfskin. Interesting, considering out in my neck of the woods, I rarely get to see Dior in the wild.
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