The Return of the Saddle Bag

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  1. It looks soooo very uncomfortable!? :confused1: Is the strap length adjustable?
  2. I think the straps are still not adjustable and same length as the boho straps. I haven’t seen an adjustable fabric strap since MGC’s first collection for Dior.
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  3. Do we think these flat saddle pouches will fit the larger phones?? The small saddle while super cute was a deal breaker for me bc the small doesn’t fit my iPhone! waiting for my large saddle to come in
  4. Alas, I tried to reserve on a saddle bag from the cruise line however the reserve list is closed for now. Oh well, I’m pleased with the bag I was able to secure.
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  5. I saw a woman on the street carrying this bag under her boobs. Sorry, but it looked ugly.
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  6. It only works on flat chested models. It would look very awkward with us with real boobs. LOL~
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  7. Not to mention our sisters with surgically enhanced boobs...
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  8. Aren't they also belt bags? looks to me like they are attached to both the strap and the belt... hence also the wearing at the waist, or?
  9. I adore the Gaucho bag! A black medium size Gaucho was the first ever Dior bag I bought- followed by a red medium only a week later! Then I started hunting for the huge model and found a black on in the UK...
  10. The trailer trash bags are a love of mine, too. I was so lucky to find the bigger size on German ebay and a bit later a small version, too- both at bargain prices.

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  11. Actually that is how Jennifer Aniston usually carries her iconic Tom Ford Jennifer bag and it is quite a lot bulkier. I have a couple of them and love them but always have the bags more low slung.
  12. Loving the new Embroidered Saddle Bag. :love:
    dior saddle bag embroidered main.png dior saddle embroidered angle.png dior saddle embroidered interior.png dior saddle embroidered back.png dior saddle embroidered.png
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  14. Oh that's strange. I would like them separate. I will get a CD belt if they make it with that lettertype.