The Return of the Saddle Bag

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  1. the grained leather one is better for durability. I think the smooth leather looks nicer because it has such a clean look, but it will show scratches more easily.
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  2. Thanks @averagejoe for your response. I’ve been lucky enough to find one of the elusive smooth leather bags but I want a bag that will stand the test of time so I will make the swap if I can obtain a grained leather version.
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  3. The grained leather version won't be released till November, I think (not sure). Perhaps call your SA and inquire about when it is available, and so that they can put one on hold for you.
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  4. Apparently they will be released as early as 2 weeks from now. My boutique was taking pre orders last week (as I’m sure other boutiques were as well).
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  5. Wow that's fast for Cruise stuff!
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  6. I have a feeling they wanted to keep the Saddle bag momentum going...but most of collection will drop in November I assume?
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  7. Vuitton does the same thing. Some Cruise pieces are available quite early. I was able to score my Kabuki strap in early October even though it is part of Cruise. They may have faster production cycles now, too, and it does keep the new arrivals and novelty coming to the boutique. There is still not a single Saddle bag on display in Toronto as they are still sold out, so hopefully the Cruise ones will leave some floor models that I can see for the first time in real life.
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  8. I adore the white saddle but alas white doesn’t love me ... challenge to stop white from going yellow esp
    in our humid climate
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  9. Spoke to my SA, and she said that the saddles arriving in 2 weeks (Cruise versions) are those that were pre-ordered. And the rest will come end of October/November.

    I just got one, so I’ll need to be good...until end of October!
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  10. Loving the new handle-less Saddles at SS19.
    diorss19.png dior19.png
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  11. More SS19.
    Dior-RTW-SS19-Paris-3647.jpg Dior-RTW-SS19-Paris-3634.jpg Dior-RTW-SS19-Paris-3603.jpg diorss19-1.png
  12. They’re also significantly flatter? Almost looks like a flat pouch and I’m sure the strap will be sold separately. It’s cute though
  13. Last year they launched the the first wave of LV cruise the last week of September... I remember because I was in California and an SA showed me the pieces they had for pre orders.... so crazy how soon launches come year to year.
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  14. I thought the same. I wonder if it could be adapted into a belt-bag?
  15. What’s that thing about carrying handbags right under the chest?
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