The Return of the Saddle Bag

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  1. I have looked but only found older threads on the Dior Saddle (and no club house), and I think the increasing craze over this quirky little bag deserves a post. It is pure fashion trend, it I love to see a vintage trend bag back into fashion without being back in production. The hunt is even more fun.

    I used to own a little Saddle back in the day. One year ago I let pass my model of choice (big size, blue monogram fabric and silver HW) in perfect condition for 100 € and have been watching, banging my head against the wall as prices go up. As one year later I am still wanting this bag, I think it is time to move. Anyone else considering? What do you think is the right price to pay right now? What is your favorite model?
  2. I like the Saddle. Reminds me of the Galliano days at Dior. Still a very unique bag.

    I think 100€ is a good price. Depending on the style and material, I'd go higher (for all leather versions).
  3. Oh, you cannot get a big Saddle in good condition for 100€ anymore! To think that a few years ago they were unsalable... how fickle we are!

    That said, I just got an offer accepted for an all leather Saddle, this model: (let's see how it turns up IRL, and I still want the blue monogram)

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  4. Nice to hear that their resale values have gone up. Must be on the account of the bag being seen on some celebrities again.
  5. Mhmm, I Was Debating On Picking One Up At A Resale Boutique Near Me. Was Still In Good Condtion. It Was Around 115-120. Should I Go For It?
  6. Was it the small or the bigger size? The small one you coiled pick for less than that, there are lots of them. For the bigger size (the one with the Cs and Ds on the strap) it is a very good price.

    This is the small one:


    And this is the big one that I want:

    More comparison pics

    554EBEB1-BC0F-41BA-AFC7-11765B255411.jpeg F48F2BE0-67E6-4C0F-8C15-D3C420C8A00B.jpeg
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  7. The Gaucho saddle is an amazing bag! It was one of the house best-sellers for years.
  8. The Gaucho is mythical too, even if it is too much hardware for me. Says Kate Moss to me.

    E6A80B67-673C-4D1F-9361-46BA8A2A1106.jpeg 60F18083-0511-4CAD-9937-1CF881C8DBB2.jpeg 1973815A-C47D-423D-A0C6-F55CB387D126.jpeg
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  9. This is my Diorella saddle bag. It was the second designer bag I ever bought. Naturally, I had to have the matching scarf.

    IMG_4261.jpg IMG_4262.jpg
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  10. My first designer bag was also a Dior — the Trailer Trash bag.

    IMG_4263.jpg IMG_4264.jpg
  11. This is the Raindrops bowler. The leather is treated so that it looks like it’s covered in raindrops.

    IMG_4265.jpg IMG_4266.jpg
  12. Here's my Gaucho (pic from this past summer):
  13. I found one in new condition at a consignment store last summer: IMG_2040.JPG