The Return of the Baguette

  1. Not sure if someone has posted about this yet, but I've been hearing a lot about how Fendi is reviving the baguette style this year, and now they are doing a collection of new quilted bags in bright colors for it's 10th Anniversary

    Are you guys into it? I'm thinking about getting one, but am concerned whether baguettes are "out" or old-fashioned? I really like it's classic and versatile look though, and I like the idea of pretending I'm SJP while wearing it. :p


    From W Magazine:

    "Fendi is celebrating the design's 10th anniversary, and instead of staging a retrospective the label is hoping to spark a revival... In February a collection of quilted Baguettes in 10 eye-popping colors will become available."
  2. Well, TBH, they do look a little old-fashioned, to me. :yes: Not that that really matters, of course.

    Nice collectors items, though. :tup:

    Give it another 10 - 15 years and they'll probably look very modern again. :biggrin:
  3. awwwwwwwwwwwww i *heart* the baguette

    im glad they're back .. would love 2 have a few ones :graucho:

    Thanks Hun
  4. very cute, I love the red one!
  5. The baguette is too small for me, plus I'm not crazy about the style to start off with. I would always go with the small classic Chanel flap as my #1 choice for a small bag. However you will find enough lovers of the baguette on the forum.
  6. personally, I'm glad to see the baguette come back since I already have one from a few years back. To me its a very simple, classic bag though it is small. I was very surprised when I first joined tpf that it was out of style.
  7. i love the baguettes esp the embroidered, beaded, sequins ones...I became a bag lover cuz of the Fendi baguette
  8. I like the baguette. The quilted ones have a simple elegance. As for being an old lady bag, well, I'm an old lady, so I like 'em. That never really mattered, because I'll be carrying my bags for the next 25 years! I don't have one, but the aqua looks pretty to me.
  9. I like the "slouchy" ones - the nonstructured kind. I had one but it practically shredded and brought it back years ago. I would love it if they became popular again.
  10. The colours are amazing! I'd love to get the hot pink one.
  11. I'm intrigued! Accompanying article says they come in a variety of sizes, with detachable handles, small ones convertible into wristlets and larger ones into messenger bags. Hmmmm:rolleyes: