The Return of Julia louis-Dreyfus

  1. She will return this weekend to "Saturday Night Live," the show where she began her career over two decades ago. Welcome back, Julia!:smile::heart:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


  2. I :love: Julia! She was amazing on Seinfeld.
  3. Excellent!
  4. I've always loved her (and her hair!) on Seinfeld. Wonder what she's been doing in the meantime when the show ended.
  5. As a Seinfeld (and Elaine) fan, I've been trying to give "The New Adventures of Old Christine" a chance, but I can't get into it. Just the fact that the whole thing seems to be shot in vaseline-on-the-lens soft focus is really annoying.
  6. That's great news! She's a great comedian!
  7. she was hilarious on seinfeld especially that one episode about her dancing :lol: or how they push each other :lol: why oh why can't there be more sitcoms on instead of reality tv shows
  8. Elaine!!! I love her
  9. i love that epidode of her dancing! was soo funny
  10. Lovely, talented, girl - look forward to seeing it.
  11. I loved her on Seinfeld too! She's so pretty and funny!
  12. Love sitcoms:love::love::heart::heart::biggrin::biggrin::flowers::flowers: than reality shows!
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  14. Aww :sad: Watching a Seinfeld marathon right now, love her.
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  15. Oh no!! Best of luck to her. Hope it was diagnosed early.
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