The rest of my $2,000 ~ Pics!!!

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  1. Well, the Pomme Bedford was a chunk of change, so I did have to add a little to my balance.;)
    I won't tease....

    Presenting my "new to me" Cerises Speedy!!!:heart:
    LV Cerises Speedy 01.JPG LV Cerises Speedy 02.JPG LV Cerises Speedy 03.JPG LV Cerises Speedy 04.JPG
  2. CUUUUTE! Congrats on the new cerises!
  3. Cerises with Pomme and Framboise!
    LV Cerises Speedy & Pomme.JPG LV Cerises Speedy & Framboise.JPG
  4. love your cerises speedy. I had one but sold it and seriously regret. I might start looking for another one. so cute, congrats.
  5. congrats B!! love the cerises and a very smart buy on the rest of your $2K. love the bag and thank you SO much for not teasing.:p

    congrats again on your entire haul! :yahoo:
  6. Congrats! I love the smiling cherries. I just wore mine out the other day (before it started snowing!)
  7. CONGRATS!! It's a beauty!
  8. Cerises with Pomme is a great match!!!

    :heart: it!!! Congrats!
  9. ooohhh congrats!!! love the cerise speedy!
  10. Money well spent...and thanks for not teasing!!!
  11. Ooooh LOVE your Cerises Speedy!!
  12. Oh, I love it. Wish they had it in a 30 because it's more my size. But WOW, I love it. Congrats!
  13. congrats!
  14. Awww.....thanks you guys!

    kuuipo627: I totally know what you mean about the 30! But for some reason, I like 25 on this bag. On everything else, it has to be 30! (for me anyway)
  15. Congrats on the cute Cerises speedy! Cerises speedy/Pomme Bedford -- definitely 2K well spent!