The Reese Has Arrived

  1. Wow, what a pretty pretty Bag. It's pretty substantial but not huge, and it's definitely metalllic but the black trim tones it down and makes it not glaring. It's soft and very roomy and has that wonderful new Kooba smell. I would say, and this is just my opinion, this is a Fall Winter bag. Oh, it will look great in snow. I think it would look out of place in Spring and Summer. It will be great for Holidays but not exclusively a party bag since it's more of a duffle look.
    Nice Silver Hardware that looks very striking against the bag.

    Reese.JPG Reese1.JPG

    Reese2.JPG Reese3.JPG
  2. Oh it IS lovely! I love, love, love the color. The only thing I don't care for is the way they took the straps to the bottom, but that's not really a big deal.

    Overall, it's an A bag.
  3. Gorgeous bag! Can you do a modeling shot, either on your shoulder or held in your hands so we can get a feel for the size? thanks!
  4. Gosh--i would love to see that leather in real looks gorgeous, I am green with envy :greengrin: I love the criss cross straps it gives it a little edge so it's not too "girly" but that's just my opinion! One question Lexie---are the shoulder straps long enough for the bag to go over the shoulder? Congrats again and enjoy. It's beautiful. :heart::heart::girlsigh:
  5. Not feeling this one at all. Sorry Lex.
  6. Wow! That bag is gorgeous. I love the black trim it has. Can it go over the shoulder nicely? Great bag Lexie. Congrats!
  7. I like it too, but wish it came in other colors. The straps look super comfy! I'd love to see it carried, also.
  8. What a striking bag! Thanks for posting pics.
  9. What a great looking bag! How about the compartments in the bag?
  10. The bag can be worn on the shoulder and the straps are thick but they tend not to stay put well, especially if the bag is full because it's like the Shoebox under your arm syndrome.
    It's just got the one large center compartment like most Koobas with the 2 pockets, zip pocket and a dogleash clip. Brown Canvas lining with metallic trim.
    My husband expressed his liking for this bag. There is almost like black threading throughout the bag leather, to tone down the metallic glare. I will use this as a handheld bag. It would be too hard to wear with a coat on the arm.

  11. It's really cute!!! I love the look!
  12. What pretty color and feminine style. While I'm a sucker for metallics, I'd also love to see what this style would look like in various leathers. Beautiful Lexie!

  13. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Thanks to the Hubby for modeling!
  14. Thanks for the modeling pics Lexie & hubby!
    The more I look at it, the more it appeals to me.
  15. I'm not loving this bag, but I do like the size of it and the 'matt metallic' sort of color.