The Reef Bag

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  1. ssc0619 - My dear enabler...I have been stalking the Reef L.E. bag for two years. Mid- and I saw it in NYC this past Spring (remember?). There is something that grabs me deep down and I am in complete awe of it. Like Mid- has with "her" mountain, I feel a spiritual connection with the sea.

    When you posted the pic of the bag on sale at the DC NM, my heart skipped a beat. The Reef Bag...on sale?

    Well, it is on sale at 60% off and is now on it's way to me. As soon as it arrives, I will reveal :graucho:.

    But for now, I'll look for a pic this afternoon.
  2. I don't know what the Reef Bag is (but will look for a photo later!) but I'm glad you found something you have been stalking, with help from ssc0619! I like the sea too, so I'm curious to see this.

  3. this??????

    can't view to see your review. :smile:
  4. Wow the picture mistikat posted is pretty, but I've never heard that name.
  5. jburgh, Mid- and I saw this bag at our trip to the BV store on 5th Ave together and I can remember that I immediately thought of your collection of outstanding BV pieces and how good it would fit in with the others.

    Anyways, it's such a gorgeous bag, the Cervo really looks like corals, congratulations! Just a tad on the heavy side though!
  6. If it's the one in the photo mistikat posted, it is really pretty! I love the detail on it. Congrats again!
  7. Great catch jburgh!

    (Get it - catch, reef, ocean, coral, fish...)
  8. Jburgh - what a stunning bag and it IS a work of art. Did you find one to buy???
  9. jburgh!

    I am so happy that I am not the only one who succumbed to the 60%! We were doing the tourist thing in DC and I left my dear family to run off with my sister and go to NM.

    I just happened to have my camera in my bag, so I started taking those pictures. My sister was incredulous that I would be taking pictures of handbags! When she asked why I was doing that I told her I had some friends that might be interested!!

    I am thrilled that you got the bag!!!

    Here's a better picture of it from my NM trip..

  10. That's such a pretty bag! Love the details. Can't wait for your reveal :woohoo:
  11. I saw that bag in the Chgo. store--it's stunning. The detail is a work of art.
  12. Yes...this is it! The background color is Marmo. I first saw this bag in person at Saks in January 2008, while visiting Chicago during what turned out to be the coldest week in 2008. The weather was 12 below zero, but Saks was warm inside.

    To me, the bag looks like an oyster bed. Last weekend we were out near Dabob bay. There were oysters and oyster shells everywhere. You could pick them from the shallow water and if so inclined, toss them on the grill. All you can eat, fresh and clean, right there. I don't often eat oysters, but admire the beautiful shells.

    This bag speaks to tells a story. A sunny day at the beach, a cool salty breeze. Sitting on a big ancient log, polished smooth by the waves. No one in sight, just me. The air smells of the sea, and the pearly shells reflect sunbeams into my eyes as I squint and smile.


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  13. Oh, I love that bag. I fondled it a few months ago in SF but it was just too long for me and all the SA's and my sweetie agreed. If it had been 3" shorter in length I would have had it at 50%. Congrats jburgh , I'm happy for you :biggrin: but jealous. :cry:
  14. Oh yes, of course I remember this! I said to both jburgh and C_24 that it reminds me of Oyster mushrooms, and they were like :confused1:. And that was a compliment, LOL! I guess I'm more connected to the mountain after all.

    Congrats, jburgh, on another beautiful and artistic addition to your museum worthy collection!