The RED Thread!

  1. The Carmino color looks lovely! :heart::heart: As do previous BV reds. Easy to love ~ how easy to wear?

    For me, I sold my only red bag last year because I feared it was a fashion color that took away from the wear-time of my classic staples (a way of justifying their cost, of course :rolleyes:). Now I'm jonesing for RED again. Of course if it's BV RED it's timeless, right??!! :graucho: But I'm also very low-key so RED sometimes conflicts with my nature... and I wonder if even BV RED is still too HELLOOOO!!!!???!!!!

    How do YOU feel about RED bags, particularly BV? Love them? Fear them? Like love, it's complex??

    Take the poll and share your thoughts!

  2. DOH! I was too slow on the poll..... let's try this again....
  3. I don't see the poll but I love love love red bags (as evident from my action shots of my red clutch). :heart: Red matches with almost any color and adds something special to any outfit instantly. BV red is just droolworthy. The carmino this fall is just perfect: not too orangey, not too blue. :girlsigh:
  4. I know what you mean about being conflicting. I have a totally complex nature as well. But I love red (a symbol of power :rolleyes:?) for the occasional pop of colour. I have the LV Jasmin in red epi and it always adds that special touch to my outfit. I am liking the Carmine(o) too. And will def get something in that colour.

    Mystilleto, how does the red in your clutch compares to Carmine?
  5. I never thought of myself as a red handbag woman, but Carminio has me seriously reconsidering. It looks like a timeless red to me.

    BTW, I talked to the Chicago BV store SA today, and she said the Carmino and Ferro are selling fast, so it may not be available by sale time. Who knows? She's trying to track down a zip wallet in this color for me. They have the Venetas, the new Ball bag, the baby bag, the envelope (?) bag and a couple others in Carminio. There's a style with the special trim and shading that hasn't come in yet that will be in Carminio also. I think it's on p. 70 of the catalog.
  6. (BTW, I've asked a mod if they can add my poll, or I'll repost and have this merged...doh!)

    mystiletto your clutch is incredible! I would have no trouble wearing a beauty like that either! I'm curious like ms piggy how that red compares to the new carmino. You'll have to share your thoughts if you have both at the same time!

    ms piggy LV red epi is a wonderful classic red too! Great choice!

    boxermom you sound like me... tempting, isn't it? A zip wallet sounds like a perfect fun pop of color! Guess I'll have to think fast about my options!
  7. I was thinking of getting the Iron bag but the envelope bag intrigues me esp if its like a clutch? Wouldn't it be splendid if BV brings back the vintage clutch style as large clutch are back in vogue again.
  8. I love LV red as well. It's so bright and fresh! My clutch is actually darker red than pictured, partially due to age. I don't have anything in carmino but I've seen it in person and carmino is a truer bright red. I would love to own a little something in this color. Too many wants! :girlsigh:I would love to see the envelope bag as well and wish that BV would bring back vintage clutch styles! :drool:
  9. Well I've given up on the poll since we'd have to start over and it would kill the responses so far, but the poll went something like this (multiple choices!):

    R U RED-DY???
    • Got RED, wear it lots!
    • Got RED but not a frequent user
    • Love it on others but it's not for me
    • On my List!
    • On my list but not BV pricetag
    • BV is the only RED I'd do...
    • I stick to basics (nero, ebano, noce, etc)
    mystiletto I wonder if Carmino will darken with age like your clutch.... it's just lovely! :tender:
  10. We can't have a RED THREAD without this lovely bag ~ mystiletto's clutch!:heart: Others please add yours! TIA!

  11. blugenie you're too funny!

    I am without a doubt: Got RED, wear it lots!

    I'd love to see other TPFer's lovely reds: carmino, rosso (from a few years ago?). Please post! :heart:
  12. Hello Everyone,

    Blugenie. I'm a classic kind of girl and I bought the nero, ebano and nocce venetas but I could not resist the BV red. The colour is beautiful and I love red accessories. I didn't realise until I looked but I have a lot of clothing in my wardrobe with red in it!!!

  13. Why don't we itemise it as follows so we could tabulate the poll easily. My pick is B. Got RED but not a frequent user.

    R U RED-DY???

    A. Got RED, wear it lots!
    B. Got RED but not a frequent user
    C. Love it on others but it's not for me
    D. On my List!
    E. On my list but not BV pricetag
    F. BV is the only RED I'd do...
    G. I stick to basics (nero, ebano, noce, etc)
  14. C. Love it on others but it's not for me

    mmmm yes its mixed feelings for me.. but on others i do love it so much! what i do not like is a red with blue undertones.. while other reds i love.
    i tend to choose cousins of red.. salmon (like my recent and first BV veneta: corallo..:heart:
    and i love a tomato color too..
  15. I love red accessories, to me it is the perfect alternative to black. I tend to favour dark colours in my wardrobe so my red accessories are a perfect way of adding colour. I favour deep reds like the Carmino, I have the large Carmino veneta, a red jumbo chanel flap, a bordeaux chanel PST, a bordeaux balenciaga day bag and the distressed dark red dior gaucho. I love RED bags!