the red seal glue on a used lv

  1. does this sometimes fade or change color with the bag. I've seen used or vintage bags and you cant even see the red seal anymore :confused1:
  2. I know that some koala wallets had s red glud deffect.
  3. i think it's wax, actually...not glue...
  4. yes, it's their secret special wax. It can end up peeling if the bag is really old, but I think you can send bags in for a reseal.
  5. I believe the correct term is "glazing". It is normal for the glaze to fade/change color overtime. :yes:
  6. of my bags is only 1 year old (but made in 2002! hidden in the store for 3 YEARS!) and the red glaze is already gone and the leather is starting to get scatchy...
  7. oh lol well i didnt know what it was made out of. Thanks for clarifying this. Then its quite understandable why wax would peel off.