The RED Peuple du Vent scarf

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  1. Has anyone purchased the RED Peuple du Vent scarf? If so, can you upload some modeling/action shots? I would REALLY appreciate it because my H store hasn't received it and i need to see it before i order.

    I would appreciate it even more if you could photograph it next to other red scarves so i can see the "true" shade of red it is.

    I know this request is a tall order and a longshot, but it never hurts to ask, right? :smile:
  2. I am going to bump this because I'd like to see it too! I have heard it is more of an orange-red than a blue-red, which would make me less interested in the colorway (kind of a relief considering I'm supposedly banned), but I'd like to see it in person too.

    Come to think of it, I think LuxuryinWichita posted a photo of it...will go look now.
  3. Thanks Capulet. I am going to bite the bullet and just order it, sight unseen. The fact that it is an orange-red versus a blue-red is what makes me want it! Blue reds are a little too intense for me. I haven't seen LuxuryinWichita's pics, and tried looking for them! At any rate, i will be sure to post my pics when i receive it.
  4. thank you, would love to see some pics.
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    I am looking at scarves tomorrow and, if I see this, I will take a pic for you.
  6. I bought this last week, (002502S cw#02 rouge/violet/bleu), as it was on the short list of my must have scarves. The color is a little orange-y. As soon as I can find or buy another camera cable, I get a pic up on here in natural lighting. I cannot wear orange scarves, but this works because it is more red than orange. And simply gorgeous! Now if anyone knows who designed this, please post the info.
  7. I believe the artist is Christine Henry. :smile: